Richard Quinn

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II herself, granted Richard Quinn the last show. This time there were no such honored guests, but there were enough spectacles on the podium. Quinn masterfully works with fabric, it is she who is his main trump card of his theatrical fashion. He pays maximum attention to prints. In the new season, he relied on floral, animal prints, as well as polka dot. And he also shifted the focus a little to bead embroidery, inspired by the 20s of the last century, instead of fur he used feathers, another sign of those times (besides, Quinn is a third-party eco-friendly fashion).


The most anticipated show of London Fashion Week, and here’s why: for Rikado Tisci, this is the first collection in the role of creative director of the legendary brand. Part of the collection can be bought now, the other will be on sale in the new year. Taking the main Burberry codes as a basis, Tisci deftly shifted them in a new way.

For example, a pierced edging appeared on a beige trench coat with a branded checkered lining, and a shirt with a classic print of the brand appeared in a new version, with a recognizable but redesigned stripe pattern. Needless to say, the designer also changed the logo of the brand, making it more youthful – in the form of a capital letter “B”.

The collection turned out to be bold and in many ways unexpected, Tisci himself described it as “it’s like a patchwork, or a mix of British style.”

Victoria Beckham

This season is an anniversary for Victoria Beckham. 10 years ago, she began her journey into the world of fashion, and then many did not believe in her strength as a designer, but they turned out to be wrong. Victoria often repeated that she creates clothes for women, so she relies on comfort and elegance. Needless to say, it turned out to be her empty words. Beckham brought relaxed chic into fashion and managed to make her own style, which she developed while working on collections, a trend.

Feminine midi length, free-cut trousers, asymmetry, conciseness and mostly monochromatic colors are the main components of her success. And the new collection is no exception. Among the interesting solutions are trousers with a straight cut, elongated and with a slit in the front. These will look great both during the day and at night.

Margaret Howell

While some designers are turning to the archives or exploiting the theme of femininity, others are betting on sports and are right. British designer Margaret Howell brought in other brands to work on the collection. So Fred Perry has developed jackets and canvas boots, and the Japanese brand Mizuno has developed cycling shorts, sneakers and swimwear. In his collections, the designer relies on androgyny, so things are as concise, simple, and versatile as possible.

Her spring/summer collection is a visual guide to the basic wardrobe, where an olive trench coat, muted shirts, shirt dresses, bomber jackets and midi skirts work seamlessly together.


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