The New Year is a special holiday on which great hopes are pinned: a new stage, a new life, new successes…. And the entire population of the planet began to dream of the New Year 2021 in the spring, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world believe that with 2020, the hardships of self-isolation, environmental disasters and political contradictions will go away. And the desires made under the chimes on this New Year’s Eve will be similar for many.

The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments not only in our daily lives. The celebration of the New Year itself will also be special this year, because restaurants and other public places are now closed at night, and New Year 2021 for many will become a truly family holiday, as Peter the Great originally meant, who moved the date of the new year from September 1 to 1st of January.

Where to celebrate the New Year 2021, so that no restrictions and hardships affect the celebration itself? It is unlikely that you will be able to go somewhere abroad, because the situation with the coronavirus is changing every day, and not for the better. Fortunately, Russia’s internal borders are still completely open. The most popular destinations for celebrating the New Year 2021 are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. The birthplace of Santa Claus, Veliky Ustyug, stands apart.

A trip to the Palace of Santa Claus is a great option to celebrate the New Year 2021 with children. Here, the festive New Year’s atmosphere is special – northern snowdrifts, fairy-tale characters, excursions and walks in the most winter places. It is worth coming here for a few days to plunge into a fairy tale. Here you can stroke the deer, ride with the breeze on three horses of Santa Claus and meet the kindest magician himself, having received a gift from his hands.


The easiest way to go to Veliky Ustyug is not by savages, but by buying a tour. The trip will cost at least 25-30 thousand rubles for 3 days per person. No transfer. For this money, you will be placed in a hotel, they will show you everything, tell you, arrange excursions and tea parties, hold master classes and a New Year’s show program. Moreover, as practice shows, the most boom in prices occurs precisely in the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s time. And after January 3-4, prices for trips will be much lower.

Travel agencies offer various short tours to celebrate the New Year 2021 from St. Petersburg. For example, the tour “Incredible Karelia: New Year around Ladoga”. For 4 days of vacation, they promise to show you four ancient cities of Karelia, as well as organize an excursion to large waterfalls, to the Ruskeala mountain park and to the residence of Talvi Ukko – this is the name of the Karelian Santa Claus. At the same time, the guest himself chooses where to go – to the waterfalls or, for example, it is better to go on a walk through the forest. A tour from December 31 to January 3 will cost about 22 thousand rubles, but discounts are also possible.

Many Russians decide to celebrate the New Year 2021 not with active recreation, but with gatherings in front of the fireplace in country houses. If you also want to celebrate the New Year 2021 somewhere away from the bustle of the city, hurry up. The number of vacant rooms in country cottages is decreasing every day – St. Petersburg residents, who are thirsty for a holiday and love planning, have been booking cottages since the beginning of autumn. Those rare offers that remain increase the cost of rent in inverse proportion to the approach of the New Year 2021.

So, New Year’s Eve at a recreation center in the Leningrad Region, when booking, will now cost about 10-20 thousand rubles for two. But this is the most budget option. Almost all such rooms for one night are already occupied. If you expand the boundaries of the vacation at least for a day, then the chances of free places increase.


If the amount does not matter to you, then finding the number will not be difficult. 20-40 thousand rubles per day – and you will celebrate the New Year 2021 in some room on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. True, “luxury” does not smell much here. If you prefer the spirit of not only freedom, but also luxury, you will be offered rooms for 100-150 thousand per night. Many of them are still free.

But keep in mind that there will be no New Year’s festivities in banquet halls at camp sites this year – everyone must comply with the mandatory recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor on combating coronavirus infection. In any case, there will be no banquets in their traditional format. Taking into account the fact that the ban on catering from 23:00 was extended until January 15, noisy festivities in restaurants will have to be forgotten. But so far no one forbids gathering a noisy company of guests on the street. They say that the majority of camp sites will prepare street entertainment.

In the new conditions of social life caused by covid, a new kind of joint fun has appeared. To understand where to celebrate the New Year 2021, you just need to remember the very method that all students and schoolchildren, as well as their parents, are now familiar with – the Zoom conference. New Year’s Zoom party on the night of 2021 is more relevant than ever. Especially for the celebration of the New Year 2021 with relatives over 65 years old who live in another city and who are officially forbidden to leave the house. So the very first and most obvious answer to the question “where to celebrate the New Year 2021?” is at home, with family and friends, at the festive table with a computer or phone with Internet access and a video calling application.


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