Less than a month is left before the New Year, which means that every day the excitement around the holiday will only grow, as will the to-do list and the troubles associated with the holiday. It’s not New Year’s Eve here. The easiest way to get it is to buy a sweater with a typical winter print, such as snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus or his foreign counterpart Santa Claus.

Sweater with Christmas decor

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Despite the fact that there is still enough time before the New Year, many have already dressed up the Christmas tree. If you are not one of them, then a sweater with Christmas balls, garlands, Santa Claus, deer or penguins will come in handy. You can wear it on Friday to work, go shopping with your family before the holidays, or go to the cinema…

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In the end, it’s just a sweater like any other, so you can think of a dozen options for what and where to wear it. By the way, you can dress the whole family in such a sweater, including her four-legged friends. Here is the occasion for a memorable photo shoot.

Brave Soul ca. 1790 rubles (asos.com)

H&M 1999 rubles

The only disadvantage of such a sweater is that it is relevant only in December, when the feeling of a holiday is in the air. The rest of the time it will look out of place, as if you had nothing to wear and this was the only option.

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Cesar (promo.cesar.ru)

Jacquard sweater and more

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If a sweater with a New Year’s decor is too infantile for you, do not rush to give up this idea. More restrained, but no less cool options come to the rescue. We are talking about jacquard-print sweaters (by the way, this type of knitting has its own name Fair Isle, in honor of a small Scottish archipelago) and its interpretations. Fantasy options also look interesting, for example, with decorative pompoms, sequins.

OneOn 10 290 rubles (asos.com)

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Another bonus is that it is appropriate to wear such a sweater not only on the eve of the holiday, but also on any day and month when you want.

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