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Star stylist Lina Dembikova work with Laysan Utyasheva, Sasha Savelieva, Nastya Zadorozhnaya and other celebrities.

Lina starts a regular column on our website. She will tell you about all the latest trends and teach you how to make the right and necessary purchases.

So, the five main purchases of this fall, according to our expert: over the knee boots, velvets, trouser suits, turtlenecks and coats.

Over the knee boots with flat heels
Photo: @stuartweitzman (Instagram* Stuart Weitzman)

Treads with high stable heels
Photo: @stuartweitzman (Instagram* Stuart Weitzman)


As soon as it gets colder, shoes, sneakers and sandals are put away in the closet. Got boots.

And the most popular boots this season. They come in completely different lengths. And short: below and to the knee. And long: they reach the hip. And even very long: almost to the groin. The heel also varies: last fall, rather thin variations and stilettos were in fashion. This season, the heel has become thicker, flat-soled favorites have appeared. There is more variety in terms of materials. To the usual over the knee boots made of leather and suede, models from neoprene, stretchy knitwear, and very fashionable velvet were added.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio wears over the knee boots with a short leather skirt and a leather jacket
Photo: @redcarpetman (Instagram* Redcarpetman)

What to combine boots with?

Lots of options. For example, with short skirts, mini dresses, short sarafan dresses with straps. You can create such a set – a turtleneck, a dress with straps or straps and over the knee boots. Should there be space between the boot and the dress? That’s a moot point. It all depends on the physique of a girl or woman, and on how much her legs allow her to do this. If the leg is slender, toned, then, of course, you can safely leave 10-15 centimeters between the boot and the dress. It is important to consider what tights you wear under the boots. There is a certain trick here. When you wear over the knee boots on bare feet or tight tights, there is a chance that the boots will slip. I offer my own know-how: I stick the boots to my legs with double-sided tape and I feel absolutely confident that the boots will never slip during the day.

Another important question: is it possible to wear trousers under the over the knee boots? It depends on their thickness. I would still advise choosing thin leggings or leggings. Then the image of the rider is created. For this style, boots just above the knee are better suited. What color should leggings and leggings be? Leggings can be, for example, beige or cream, and over the knee boots should be darker: brown, terracotta, wine, and some interesting jacket on top. It may also be green. But I am wary of sets in the same color scheme. Believe me, they are not for everyone.

Velvet ankle boots with a steady heel claim the title of “hit of the season”
Photo: @stuartweitzman (Instagram* Stuart Weitzman)


Velvet is the hottest trend this season. Moreover, not only in shoes, any velvet clothing is also welcome: dresses, bathrobes, jackets, skirts, suits. Velvet things are super-relevant: after all, in autumn you want deep colors and warm shades. What should you pay attention to when choosing velvet items? First of all, you need to choose the right shade. Velvet items in deep autumn shades look more advantageous, for example, burgundy, wine, dark green, dark blue. If dark blue suits almost every girl and woman, then dark green and wine are quite specific colors that suit girls with thick skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes or redheads. But for blondes with fair skin, dark green and wine will not work at all, they will draw too much attention to themselves. It is better to give preference to peach and blue shades of velvet. The main thing to consider the weather outside the window.

The second question concerns the very texture of the fabric. Velvet is a “filling” material, it visually adds volume. If you have large breasts, then a velvet jacket is not the best option for you. It is better to choose a wrap skirt or dress that accentuates your waist. If you have massive hips, then you definitely should not wear trousers and a velvet pencil skirt. It is better to pay attention to a jacket or blouse made of silk, but with a velvet bow. Velvet trims and details are also very relevant. Kaftans are very popular. The collection of the brand MA YA, for example, has caftans with oriental elements: tassels and embroideries. It’s insanely beautiful. In general, I believe that choosing a velvet caftan, complementing it with a top, tight jeans and pumps, you can look perfect at almost any social event. Bright and unusual. And yes, be the center of attention. The choice of the length of the caftan depends only on your figure. Every girl and woman knows her strengths and weaknesses. Someone needs to close their hips, then it is better to choose a long caftan. If you want to focus on the waist, you can always add a long caftan with some kind of belt with a buckle or tassels. If the girl is slim and her hips are neat, you can choose a short caftan with jeans with a high waistline.

Is it worth it to dress in trendy velvet from head to toe? Why not? But you can’t cross the line. It all depends on the color of your outfit and on the physique. If a girl is very slim, tall, velvet high over the knee boots and a velvet dress can look great on her, especially if you combine different shades of the same color. It will turn out an interesting play of color. If you want to create some accents, add volume somewhere, and hide a little somewhere, then it is better to use velvet partially.

Fashionable burgundy velvet sandals
Photo: @aquazzura (Instagram* Aquqzzura)

The white turtleneck especially suits Elena Letuchaya
Photo: @elenapegas (Instagram* Elena Letuchaya)


Turtlenecks are another essential purchase of this season. They are especially impressive to wear with a classic gray pinstripe or plaid pantsuit. These two things create a kind of universal combination and are the main ones in the basic wardrobe this fall. If you’re investing in a good, quality suit, be sure to pair it with a turtleneck. It can be thin, or it can be tighter, from knitwear mixed with wool. Both warm and trendy. There are subtleties here. If a girl has a large enough chest and a short neck, turtlenecks are contraindicated for her, because the neck will be shortened, and the chest will visually increase. A girl of a fragile physique, on the contrary, can add the desired volume to herself with the help of a turtleneck. That is top models Natalia VodianovaTV presenter Elena Flying turtlenecks can be worn safely. But Anfisa Chekhova not worth it. And Anna Semenovich too. They are better off choosing things with V-necks.

What to combine turtlenecks with?

You can safely wear them under the already popular dresses with straps. Accordingly, we must remember that the thickness of the dress should be greater than the thickness of the turtleneck. For example, you cannot wear a wool turtleneck and a thin linen-type dress. It won’t be pretty. The second combination: a turtleneck goes well with a suit. Third: a turtleneck with trousers with a high waistline, and tucked in. Fourth: turtleneck with a skirt. And this skirt can be either denim or velvet, velvet, suede. All these skirts are very popular today.

If we talk about flowers, then I would definitely buy a milk turtleneck for a start. Why dairy? Because white and black are generally very dangerous colors. They go to tanned and swarthy women, and not to those who have a fair skin color. Milky shade to the face of almost everyone. If you feel that you are a woman of a cold type with fair skin, gray-blue eyes, it is better to choose milk. If you are a warm type with brown eyes or reddish hair, then cream is better. The second option: a gray turtleneck. But here you also have to be careful and understand, but does gray suit you? I would advise you to pay attention to wine, green and beige turtlenecks. These are shades that are interesting for autumn, respectively, they can be worn with such a bottom – wine, green, dark blue, dark gray.

A turtleneck is an indispensable part of the autumn-winter wardrobe. Elena Letuchaya
Photo: @elenapegas (Instagram* Elena Letuchaya)

Trouser suit Renata Litvinova
Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficial (Instagram* Renata Litvinova)


I think this purchase is especially useful for those who work in the office and are forced to follow a business dress code. Such girls and women simply need to have a gray striped or plaid trouser suit in their wardrobe. This is the hit of the autumn-winter season. Trouser suits can be made from natural materials or from a mixture with synthetic materials. Here you need to remember that suits made of natural fabric will wrinkle faster and stronger. Suits made of fabric with the addition of synthetics do not wrinkle, but they are more dangerous: they can be hot and uncomfortable. A variety of models of suits are in trend: with fitted jackets, with oversize jackets, with wide trousers and skinny ones, or even with flared trousers.

Who are pantsuits for?

Of course, the costumes look very impressive on tall and slender people. For example, on Renate Litvinova. She has long established herself as a lover of strict trouser suits, both black and gray. Renata mostly chooses oversized jackets and wide trousers. You should not recklessly follow her example: suits of such a hoodie cut can add volume to the figure. Girls and women with pronounced feminine forms should take into account the peculiarities of their figures. If you have a large top and thin legs, it is better to choose tight trousers and an oversized jacket. Oversize items, by the way, have long been included in our wardrobes (sweaters, jackets, coats), but are still relevant.

What shoes are best to wear pantsuits with?

With classic pumps, if the weather permits or you are moving around the city by car. With men’s shoes with a small heel or platform, then your image will be more androgynous. In this case, the trousers should be shot down, ideally with cuffs. But you should not combine a suit with slip-ons and sneakers: this is rather a variant of last season. One of my favorite looks for this season: a pantsuit, boots and a turtleneck. In addition, hairstyle: low ponytail or bun. Everything is very stylish, concise. You can also try a combination with a blouse with a jabot or with a bow. Then it is more logical to choose flared trousers or breeches. But we must understand that any details in the neck shorten it. This is an option for slim people. Girls with large breasts will go for silk blouses not with a bow, but with a V-neck. They will lengthen the neck and visually lighten the top.

What to wear over a pantsuit? Poncho? Probably not. It’s hard to match with the costume. I’ll explain why. Because if you have an oversized jacket, and even a poncho on top, then you get too voluminous top. Then a laconic elongated coat without additional decor is better. And preferably monochromatic. What colour? This is a question. I would rather recommend simple and understandable combinations. For example, a gray suit with a burgundy coat, or with the same gray, but darker. A good option: a gray suit and a classic velvety blue coat. Even with a black coat. Why not? For example, you can wear black ankle boots to him, very logical. And a black turtleneck is quite suitable for this set. Another important topic: do a pantsuit and jacket live together? No, these are things from different operas. The suit is a classic style. A jacket is a sport or, in extreme cases, casual.

Gray plaid suit for an office worker in the style of Renata Litvinova
Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficial (Instagram* Renata Litvinova)

Checkered coat may be the third, fourth, fifth in your wardrobe, but not the first. Duchess Kate
Photo: @redcarpetman (Instagram* Redcarpetman)


A classic coat is an essential fall purchase. Always a profitable investment. A laconic coat, regardless of trends, will serve you faithfully for many years if you buy a quality item and do not save. Now the two most fashionable options: an elongated coat-jacket with one or two buttons. Or a coat-dressing gown under the belt with a shawl collar.

What to wear under a coat? Is it possible to have trousers of the same shade? If your coat and trousers are the same shade, you will get a monolith of color. And believe me, not many people know how to make monochrome bows interesting. I would recommend time tested combinations. For example, blue trousers with a gray coat. Or vice versa gray trousers with a blue coat.

Should I buy a coat in a bright color?

Why not. I love bright girls. Then, for a bright accent, we choose all other things in the bow that are neutral and concise so that a cacophony of colors and prints is not created. And if you liked a peach-colored coat, then bright accessories (handbag, shoes, gloves) are not needed for it. Peach in general is a very complex shade. All other clothing must be either pastel or grey. Peach and gray go well together. If you have a bright orange coat, then beige, green, brown will suit it. Red goes great with black. But a girl who chooses such a combination should have a fairly bright appearance. Red and black would suit, for example, Laysan Utyasheva. But Nastya Zadorozhnaya a bright red coat will not work. Better transparent strawberry or the same peach. Soft shades go best with her delicate skin, with warm golden hair. And, for example, a burning blonde Lena Flying go gray or black. These colors look great on her.

Should I buy a coat with a print? For example, checkered. The cell is certainly a very interesting, but not an easy story. And believe me, not many people know how to wear it. Therefore, I always recommend investing first in laconic monophonic things, and then in fashionable and trendy ones. That is, at first it is better to buy a high-quality beige or gray coat, and then a checkered, striped, polka dot coat. I believe that the main problem of many women and girls is the lack of a basic wardrobe for which they can buy trendy things. That’s when you have a basic wardrobe, then you can experiment very easily. And then you buy a cool and fashionable yellow coat, but there will be nothing to wear it with.


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