Designer Alexander Arutyunov
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Stylist Lina Dembikova
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

This summer is called unpredictable, cold, abnormal. But the weather is really not good. Rains, hurricanes, no heat at all. For such climatic conditions, a raincoat is best suited, which will save its owner from a sudden downpour. Designer Alexander Arutyunov came up with a brilliant idea: together with MARTINI, he presented the results of the collaboration to secular Moscow. A capsule collection of visors and raincoats made of waterproof fabric was shown at the trendy Strelka bar.

At the entrance, guests were presented with visors (protective visors made of plastic), which claim to be the most fashionable headgear of this season. And at the beginning of the party, everyone was urged to “do not waste time studying weather forecasts, dress fresh and stylish for summer, not compromise and enjoy life in the company of your beloved friends, next to whom both pouring rain and the scorching city sun are a pleasure! Time inexorably runs forward. We hardly keep up with him, being late to enjoy every moment that can become a real holiday and a gift of fate. This summer does not spoil us with warmth, but why let the weather spoil our plans, postpone meetings with friends and loved ones? The sun is shining? Perfetto. Rain is coming? Bellissimo!

Raincoats and visors are made in a bright and recognizable manner by designer Alexander Arutyunov. MARTINI gathered 20 friends of the brand to shoot the lookbook of the collection, the author of which was a very young, but already well-known in the fashion world, photographer Alena Ko. The heroes of the shooting were TV presenter Artem Korolev, actresses Lukerya Ilyashenko,
Maria Shumakova and others. As well as Keti Topuria, one of the muses of Alexander Arutyunov. The collection was also evaluated by an expert of the site 7days.ru Lina Dembikova.

White and red raincoats look great with sneakers
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

TV presenter Artem Korolev
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event


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