Nicole Kidman in green Gucci dress
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It’s still very cold outside. But spring is just around the corner. And this means that it must be met fully armed. Namely, in the right color. Many of us associate green with nature awakening from winter sleep, joy and warmth. This is the color of grass, foliage, plants, everything that decorates our lives and reminds us of spring and summer. And in the coming season, green will be more popular than ever. In the collections of many modern designers, this trend is already quite noticeable. On a bright, brilliant emerald green, for example, the creative director of the Gucci brand made a bet Alessandro Michele. And now in his dress comes out on the red carpet Nicole Kidman. And her outfit is called one of the most spectacular at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

And in the collection of the shoe brand Ballin, one of the central places is occupied by stunning emerald-colored high-heeled shoes, decorated with frills and a scattering of crystals.

Emerald Pumps by Ballin
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According to fashion experts, not only emerald green, but also Greenery shade will be the most popular this spring. Or the color of young green. Delicate as the leaves of a fresh Iceberg lettuce, freshly plucked from the garden, or apples of one of the most popular varieties in the world, Granny Smith (Granny Smith, which means Granny Smith in English). We warn you right away, this is a rather capricious shade that will be difficult to combine with something. But there are almost no hopeless situations. The Emanuei Ungaro brand in its collection suggests choosing something black or rich green, close to emerald, for things of this shade. Also, clothes of the color of young greens can successfully coexist with khaki. In general, the hint can actually be found easily by yourself. Buy Iceberg lettuce or Granny Smith apples, put them on the table and add all the fruits and vegetables you have in the house to them. What goes best with a salad? Cucumber, radish, yellow pepper? What will look good with an apple? With lemon, banana or tangerine? Or maybe persimmon?

The most popular shade of the season Greenery
Photo: @emanuelungaro_official (Instagram* Emanuel Ungaro)


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