Alla Pugacheva and Maksim Galkin carefully keep their family nest in the village of Gryaz from prying eyes. And yet, recently, fans of the couple had the opportunity to look behind the closed doors of the star mansion. Such a chance came to them thanks to a video published the other day on the Web.

A four-minute video called “2014 Vinokur Autumn dew” with Pugacheva”, apparently, was filmed by one of Vladimir Vinokur’s friends. On it, the satirist, along with the Diva, performs a famous hit. The action of the video takes place in the house of Pugacheva and Galkin on New Year’s Eve. Star guests are sitting at a large table: the singer’s favorite confectioner Alexander Seleznev, Olesya Sudzilovskaya with her husband Sergey Dzeban, Stanislav Govorukhin with his wife, Alina Redel and many others.

House of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

Photo: Youtube.ru

In the last minutes of the video in the frame appear Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova. They solemnly hand over to the hosts New Year’s gifts for babies Lisa and Harry.

Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev

Photo: Youtube.ru

In the background, you can see the lush interiors of the famous house: heavy curtains, gilded chandeliers, paintings and ceilings with bas-reliefs – the castle reminds the real estate of the star couple not only from the outside, but also from the inside.



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