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Of course, the bob is one of the classic haircuts that suit many types of faces, so it has always been popular. However, the smooth voluminous bean won the special love of girls in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Today, celebrities are returning the bob to the peak of fashion again – however, already in an updated form: over the past year, more (!) A dozen stars have decided to part with long strands and have not regretted it.

Irina Shayk
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Irina Shayk (left) shocked the public not so long ago with a photo where she is depicted with a short, cheeky bob. True, it later turned out that the star retained her long hair. But Jessica Chastain (right) really decided to part with strands to the shoulder blades. Her stylist Renato Campora gave her a bob haircut.

In the styling trends of this season, greetings from the 90s are enough: these are “crabs” for hair, and voluminous velvet elastic bands, and banana-shaped hairpins. But the interpretation of the 2018 bean is a little different than a dozen or two years ago: now it’s not the rounded hair-to-hair bob with super volume at the back of the head that is more relevant, but a more relaxed and straight version, sometimes with the effect of wet curled hair.

At the forefront of the pro-bob movement are both foreign and our celebrities: Khloe Kardashian, her sister Kim (who changes hairstyles from long to short and back with unimaginable speed), Emilia Clarke, Irina Shayk, Jessica Chastain and other celebrities. We offer you to see and evaluate how these owners of traditionally long curls look with short hair.

Photo: @renatocampora

Margot Robbie
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Mila Kunis (left) and Margot Robbie (on right) old fans of the car. Girls are constantly experimenting with styling and wearing either a curled or an ultra-smooth bob..

Vanessa Hudgens

Lea Seydoux
Photo: @renatocampora

Vanessa Hudgens (left) and Lea Seydoux (right) did not stay away from the trend and also preferred the aristocratic short bob.

Evangeline Lilly
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Emilia Clarke

Evangeline Lilly (left) did not dare to cut off her luxurious long hair, but asked her stylist Renato Campora to make her a “fake” bob: a braid that would imitate a bob. Emilia Clarke (right) completely changed her look a few months ago: she cut her hair above her shoulders and dyed it in a fashionable gray blond.

Lucy Hail

Rowan Blanchard
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Actresses Lucy Hale (left) and Rowan Blanchard (right) also wanted a change some time ago and cut their hair short. Bob to the cheekbones perfectly suited both and emphasized the delicate features and long neck of each of the girls.


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