Designer Sergey Sysoev, who at the end of the week will present his Sergey Sysoev collection for Ice Age: Collision Inevitable, as part of Fashion Week in Moscow, told 7days.ru about the new line.

The collection contains 30 images. The stellar composition of winter textures takes part in it – knitwear, knitted mesh, wool, velvet, fur. The color palette takes you to intergalactic space. This is the dark ocher of the crater of Mars and the rich blue of the cold Galaxy, the unknown black of falling meteorites and the metallic gray of a spaceship, emerald green – the color of hope and shimmering crimson – the color of stars in the night sky.

Outfit sketch from the collection of Sergei Sysoev

Outfit sketch from the collection of Sergei Sysoev

“The favorite characters of my sons Stepan and Luka, the main characters from the Ice Age, became a source of inspiration,” said Sergey Sysoev. — They are responsible for the ironic and cheerful mood of the collection. Heroes jump on coats and dresses in the most unexpected places using the printed appliqué technique. A smile at a collision is inevitable, so I will answer the philosophically complex question about the dualism of being. The caught nut decides everything!”


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