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Anti-aging creams every year, according to marketers, are becoming smarter, they acquire remarkable intelligence and rejuvenate everyone without exception faster than Botox and plastic surgery.

It is surprising that with such highly intelligent cosmetics, beauty industry professionals have not yet lost their jobs.

Cosmetologists clarify that anti-aging cream serves only to maintain the results after procedures, manufacturers – that the products work well solo, easily smooth wrinkles and are an excellent prevention of aging.

So are there products with the effect of injections, or is it better to immediately sign up for a beautician when the first wrinkles appear on Botox?

Anti-aging cosmetics work on the surface of the skin

Anti-aging cosmetics
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In fact, all components from cosmetics work at the level of the epidermis, that is, on the surface layer. Yes, they can strengthen it, moisturize it. But the main changes in skin cells and problems originate in the deep layers. Just imagine, our skin consists of 8 layers, and the components need to get somewhere up to 4 layers. Large-celled components are placed in cosmetics, which form a layer on the surface.

Anti-aging cosmetics with intelligence do not exist

Anti-aging cosmetics
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The label “smart cosmetics” is a marketing ploy and a feature of bloggers to drag the audience to the next giveaway.

In fact, no cream can know what your skin needs, as, for example, a beautician. There are no anti-aging products that solve all problems at once. Cosmetics should be chosen based on the composition, and not on bright advertising slogans, like “this smart cosmetics knows exactly what you need.”

Anti-aging components exist

Anti-aging cosmetics
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Means for prevention and fight against aging exist. They are charged with several active components:

Retinol is a vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself, easily copes with pimples.

Vitamin C – increases the immunity of the skin (and it has its own), evens out the color, whitens.

Peptides are signal molecules. They are in our body, but with age their number decreases. It is the peptides that are responsible for the restoration of damaged cells and the launch of self-deposition processes. Introduced from the outside with cosmetics, these molecules send signals to cells, starting renewal processes.

There are different variations of peptides: regenerating, with the effect of Botox. The second category is divided into subspecies. There are so-called matrikin peptides (matrixyl), which slightly relax the muscles and smooth wrinkles for a while.

Syn-ake peptides, a synthetic analogue of lame viper venom, have a longer effect. They are absolutely safe and imitate the action of butolotoxin. There are susceptible people to these peptides that mimic snake venom, and there are those who are immune, like to Botox. So it’s not worth blaming such cosmetics for inefficiency.

Antioxidants – all types of vitamins, a number of herbal extracts and coenzyme Q10 are good for preventing premature aging. They fight free radicals that cause cell mutation and wrinkle formation.

Anti-aging cosmetics that work in the deep layers are

Anti-aging cosmetics
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The active components of such products are enclosed in special capsules – liposomes. Thanks to this transport, substances can pass a little deeper than the basement membrane into the skin. This is a kind of bus for cosmetic components. Very often, retinol or vitamin C is enclosed in capsules so that they retain their activity. Ascorbic generally loses its properties when exposed to sunlight, so liposome armor is very useful for it.

Anti-aging cosmetics should have moisturizing ingredients

Anti-aging cosmetics
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Our skin needs hydration at any age. Therefore, no one has canceled moisturizing components in the role of which plant extracts act, hyaluronic acid, they should be contained in anti-aging products. This composition helps to retain water in the deep layers of the skin, creating a kind of retaining barrier on its surface.

When the skin is well hydrated, it looks like a peach, not dried apricots. Proper moisture balance ensures that superficial wrinkles and creases do not occur, at least in the near future.

Anti-aging cosmetics will not give results immediately

Anti-aging cosmetics
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From anti-aging cosmetics, you will not see the result the next morning. Anti-aging products are not magicians and do not learn. Our cells are renewed within 28 days, and the components during this period need to carry out their explanatory work – to patch the existing holes, stimulate the growth of new cells, strengthen their backs, rid the skin of the burden of dead old cells. This will take from 4 to 8 weeks when using active cosmetics.

The main thing is not to interrupt the course, use creams, serums every day, and cleansers like peels and masks 2 times a week.

Anti-aging cosmetics may stop working

Anti-aging cosmetics
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Active components, having fulfilled their mission, stop working because they have coped with the task. For example, creams with peptides have smoothed out wrinkles and restarted the cell cycle, and don’t expect big bonuses from them.

For this reason, it seems to many that cosmetics with active ingredients no longer work, there is even a myth among the people that the skin gets used to cosmetics and needs to be changed. Not at all, just the means did what they could.

In general, active cosmetics should be used in courses, especially creams with peptides and retinol. They are used aimingly from a month to two, then they take a break for 2-3 months, and start a new course.

Anti-aging cosmetics will not replace a surgeon and a beautician

Anti-aging cosmetics
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All the manufacturers’ tricks and tricks to deliver components to the deep layers of the skin, like liposomes or microneedles in masks and patches, help to make the skin denser, smooth out minor wrinkles and, as the people say, strengthen what has not yet crumbled.

But anti-aging products, even the most powerful ones, cannot smooth out deep wrinkles into which the finger falls, and will not return the sagging oval to its place.

Only a cosmetologist with his beauty injections and hardware cosmetology is capable of this, and if desired, a plastic surgeon.


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