Theory of color types: how to determine your

  • What is the appearance color type?

  • Where did the theory of color types come from?

  • How to determine your color type?

  • Prepare the following shades:

  • Stylish tips for every color type

    • Color type “Autumn”

    • Color type “Winter”

    • Color type “Spring”

    • Color type “Summer”

Appearance color or color type is also a well-developed classification that stylists and makeup artists rely on. Every girl needs to know which shade suits her better so as not to make fashion mistakes when choosing the right color palette for wardrobe, makeup and accessories. Using the theory of the color type, it is easier to choose the right colors that will emphasize the dignity of appearance. The color of the skin, hair and eyes are the main criteria by which the color type is determined.

Around the 19th century, people began to worry about how different colors and shades affect the perception of appearance. The first who decided to look into this was Johannes Itten, a Swiss artist and color theorist. It was he who had the idea to divide the color palette of appearance according to the seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

In fact, the color type theory was born by accident. At one point, the artist began to notice that his sitters were decorated with certain colors from the palette. He also drew attention to the fact that his students choose only those colors that emphasize the appearance of the models.

So Johannes Itten realized that there is a certain pattern in the color scheme that is suitable for certain types of appearance. The “summer” palette is bright saturated colors, the “winter” palette is muted and cold shades, warm tones are suitable for “spring” people, and warm muted colors are typical for “autumn”. Based on simple observations and the artist’s curiosity, a seasonal theory of color types appeared.

Then, Max Factor had a great influence on the development of the color type theory. He carefully selected colors based on the natural features of the models, that is, he took into account not only the color of the eyes, skin or hair, but also paid attention to the tone of the lips, the color of the eyebrows and the presence of freckles. In his studio there were four cabinets for different color types: blue for blondes, green for redheads, pink for brunettes, peach for brown-haired women.


Recall the main criteria by which the color type is determined – this is the color of the skin, eyes and hair. Distinguish natural and acquired color type. After all, hair can be dyed, and eye color can be changed with lenses. To determine the important natural color, rely on it.

To find out your color type, you need to stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room, preferably in daylight. Consecration is very important for determining colors, they should not be distorted. Remove makeup from your face and let your hair down. Then, compare the colors by applying warm and cold shades of fabrics to your face, a scarf is perfect for this, and compare which one suits you best. Pay attention to which of the colors better emphasizes your skin color, which makes your eyes more expressive, and which, on the contrary, fades against the general background.

  • rich orange;

  • peach;

  • hot pink;

  • grey-pink.

Analyze the results. Find out which color best emphasized the dignity of the face and made imperfections less noticeable.

If saturated orange suits you – your color type is “autumn”, hot pink – “winter”, peach – “spring”, gray-pink – “summer”.


The girls of “autumn” have dark skin, dark brown or fiery red hair, brown or other warm shades of eyes.

Powder, foundation and concealer should be selected with a golden hue. Bronzer and blush are peach. As for the shadows, brown, beige or golden colors are suitable for daily makeup. On the lips nude, beige or brown shades. Also looks great classic red lipstick.

If we talk about hair, then warm shades are the best choice. If the soul requires clarification, then try to choose the most natural color. Stretch looks great on the hair, from natural – the darkest color to the lightest. So the color of the eyebrows and skin will not stand out ridiculously.

What colors should be in the wardrobe? Give preference to white, brown, red, orange, blue, green and gold. Avoid cold undertones in the color of things.


For girls of the color type of the coldest season, a contrast in appearance is characteristic. Black or dark brown hair, porcelain, doll-like skin, and dark eyes.

The shade of the foundation should match the natural skin color of the face as much as possible, otherwise the makeup will look ridiculous. Prefer shadows with a gray undertone, pink, gray and dark colors will do. Blush should be pink or plum shades, it is important not to overdo it with them, it is enough just to easily emphasize the cheekbones. On the lips are wine and raspberry shades that will definitely add a special charm to your look.

For “winter” things of natural and unsaturated colors with a warm undertone are not suitable. But they really suit silver, emerald, bright blue, blue, noble gray, red and black colors – this is the basis of the wardrobe.


“Spring” people have very light, thin and almost transparent skin. Hair color ranges from warm blonde to light blond with hints of wheat, honey and gold. The eyes are light blue, light brown or light green.

Powder and foundation should be an airy texture of a warm light beige shade. Shadows should be selected in peach, beige, golden brown and dark brown colors. For some, a blue or green tint may suit. Mascara can be not only black-brown, but also chocolate-colored. Lipsticks only in gentle tones: peach, reddish-orange or coral pink.

Light pastel colors in clothes are suitable for the Spring color type. Your true friends are peach, creamy, warm beige, milky, chocolate, salmon, apricot, light blue and light gray. If you want to add an accent to the image, then you can pick up a thing in bright blue or hot pink.


The girls of the “summer” are very fond of the sun and perfectly tolerate the tan, which only adorns them. Natural hair color is light blond to cold ash shades. The skin can be either light pink or slightly grayish. The eyes are blue, green and brown with a noble gray undertone.

For eye makeup, the “summer” color type is perfect for appreciating gray, blue and light green. Juicy shades of berries look advantageous on the lips – watermelon, strawberry and cherry colors. Blush should be vibrant pink, and foundation should be with a slight cold tint.

The color palette of clothing should consist of pastel colors with a cool undertone. These are blue, blue, white, muted pink, berry, wine and lilac colors.

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