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Thin hair without volume, according to sociological research, is a problem for most Russian girls. Even if the hair is long, this does not mean that they look thick and dense. Such hair usually gets dirty at a phenomenal speed, does not hold styling for long and quickly lose volume. What to do to minimize all these negative effects and make the hair look cheerfully voluminous, mobile and at least a little thicker? Here are seven simple tricks to help solve the problem.

Reception number 1

All hair stylists who comb Hollywood stars and work on the backstage of fashion shows are sure that the beauty of hair begins with proper shampooing. Choosing the right shampoo is half the battle. Choose from professional volumizing shampoos – They effectively thicken the hair. It is also good to remember about moisturizing the tips: use special moisturizing masks and balms for this. We suspect that it’s not worth talking about the main rule for their application: all means for moisturizing and nourishing should be applied only to the length of the hair, and not to the roots.

Do not use products with silicones: they envelop each hair and make the hairstyle heavier, although at first they add shine to the strands. Hair will be more difficult to style and maintain volume for a long time.

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Reception number 2

Don’t wear a crisp parting
and do not part your hair over it immediately after washing. So they seem to “wrap around” the head, remembering this shape, and it will be much more difficult to give them lightness and volume. Better shake your head and leave that slightly messy parting that you have. Make sure that from about the middle of the head, part of the hair lies towards the top of the head – this will create additional volume on it.

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Reception number 3

Don’t grow your hair too long – under their weight, they will stretch down and lose lightness, and hence volume. Get a good haircut – owners of fine hair need it more than anyone else. The master can cut them in such a way that they will look denser and more voluminous only due to the correct cut. By the way, it is better not to do any layers and deep thinning – because of them, the already poor hair will become thinned out. It is better to choose a blunt cut technique.

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Reception number 4

Dye your hair in several shades.
This is especially true for light hair. The lighter they are, the thinner they look. Home dyeing in one tone, of course, is an economical option, but the master will be able to add dark shades, play of color, match the color of the strands around the face, and all this will ultimately play into your hands: the hair array will look more impressive.

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Reception number 5

Do not neglect professional volumizing sprays. But remember that you need to apply them only to the roots of the hair, and not to the length., because this spray will make the ends of the hair heavier, and the volume will fall off. And try not to overdo it with the application of the product: in the case of thin hair, less is better, but better. Do not blow-dry your hair to the end – let it dry only 90%and then dry naturally. It is better to dry your head down, and at the end of drying, pour cool air over the entire hair.

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Rule #6

If you curl your hair with a curling iron, remember that each strand should cool after curling. Styling is half the battle, it is also important to keep it for a long time. Only after cooling, the curl can be touched, straightened with hands or combed with a brush. Otherwise, the strand will straighten, and everything will go down the drain.

Rule #7

To add texture and elasticity, use silicone-free texturizing sprays that instantly thicken the strands. Moreover, they can be applied in two ways: spray either immediately on the hair, or on a comb-brush, and then comb it, lowering your head and throwing your hair down.


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