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Manicure, as in the salon, is also possible at home, if you do not rush and do not make the most common mistakes. So what exactly?

Mistake 1 – you do not degrease your nails

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After a hygienic manicure, before applying varnish, the nails must be degreased. This can be done with antibacterial wipes or a special nail degreaser. All these products contain a certain percentage of ethyl alcohol, which removes the fat layer from the nails.

On nails that have not been treated with a degreaser, the varnish falls worse, it adheres less tightly to the surface, which is why it will peel off faster later.

Mistake 2 – you skip the main stages of manicure

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It is very tempting to reduce the time of creating a manicure by skipping, for example, the stage of applying the base. What is the basis for? To make the varnish adhere more tightly to the nail plate, it also helps to avoid staining the nails. Very often, bright varnishes from the red spectrum, as well as a dark palette, make the nails yellow. And then it is more difficult to bleach them.

Another plus of the base is that it strengthens the nails. Now on sale are whole lines for strengthening nails, against delamination.

Many overlook the stage of applying the top. And meanwhile, it fixes the varnish on the nails well. Tops have an obvious bonus they can create more different effects on the nails, and even beat the varnish. For example, to give nails shine, make matte, add shine.

Mistake 3 – you do not observe the drying time of the varnish

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Very often, before applying varnish, you do not wait for the base to dry. Then the varnish lays unevenly, stains may occur, and it will quickly move away from the nails. It is necessary to withstand the time between applying layers of varnish (as a rule, in order for the color to lie evenly and brightly, two layers are needed). The waiting time between base and color, as well as between varnish coats, should be two minutes. So much is enough for the tool to seize.

Upon completion of the manicure, all hand manipulations, especially for those who cannot sit still doing nothing, should take place no earlier than 20 minutes later. Otherwise, the varnish can be erased, and the manicure will have to be done all over again.


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