Micellar water “Black Pearl” in a volume of 750 ml and with a pump dispenser

The skin needs thorough cleansing all year round, and especially in the summer heat. Even if during the day you did not use foundation or did not apply makeup at all, in the evening it is still worth walking over your face with a cotton pad with a cleanser. This summer, we at 7Days.ru have chosen our favorite for skin cleansing: Black Pearl micellar water.

Its main visual difference from other products in this category is the volume of the bottle. It contains as much as 750 ml! It’s clear that it’s going to take a long time. Another indisputable advantage is a convenient dispenser. Thanks to him, the bottle does not need to be turned over to apply water to the cotton pad: you just press the pad on the pump, and it is moistened with a sufficient amount of product. Extremely convenient.

The tool itself will not disappoint either: it quickly removes makeup from the eyes and from the entire face, the skin does not need to be rubbed, cosmetics dissolve and can be easily removed from the eyelashes, and from the thin skin of the eyelids, and from the lips. It’s nice that the creators of the formula took care of the care already at the cleansing stage: the composition contains 20% moisturizing serum, so the water is suitable even for those who have dry and sensitive skin. There will be no feeling of dryness.

As a reminder: after use, do not forget to rinse off any micellar water with plain water or cleansing gel. This is done in order to completely remove micelles from the skin, which have absorbed all the impurities from its surface.


By Yara

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