Dry oil for body and hair included in the collection The des Vignes, Caudalie
Photo: Caudalie

Dry oils are very easy to use: they are quickly absorbed, moisturize and nourish well and, most importantly, do not leave a greasy film. New oil The des Vignes, Caudalie, is just that. It is part of the eponymous Caudalie collection, which has been expanded with two new additions this summer.

The collection is based on the refreshing fragrance The des Vignes, created by Jacques Cavalier in 2011. Together with it, the collection includes a shower gel and a cream for hands and nails, and now two new products have been added to them: a nourishing body treatment and a dry oil for body and hair.

We especially liked the oil for its subtle unobtrusive aroma, excellent properties and rich composition: the formula combines grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils. It is easily and quickly distributed on the skin and hair and is instantly absorbed. The oil does not leave a greasy film, so you can get dressed almost immediately after applying it to the body – during the testing of the product, we waited just one minute to be sure.

The des Vignes oil works just as well on the hair as it does on the body, hydrating it and giving it a mirror-like shine without feeling greasy. For a light conditioning effect, apply one drop to the strands, and to create the effect of wet hair, use a little more product, after warming it up in the palms of your hands.

The recommended price for The des Vignes, Caudalie oil is 1800 rubles.


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