Fragrance Jasmin Dentelle, Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Have you been looking for a light summer fragrance with an unusual composition for a long time? We found one. At the end of spring, Valerie Pianelli, creative director and owner of the Comptoir Sud Pacifique brand, arrived in Moscow. She presented a novelty – Jasmin Dentelle perfume, in which the sambac jasmine flower plays a central role. The name of the fragrance translates as jasmine lace»and this is a very precise definition.

It differs from all similar perfumes in that the usual bouquet of white flowers, which is usually added to jasmine fragrances, does not sound in the composition. Therefore, if you like jasmine scents without adding other floral notes, you should pay close attention to the novelty.

The jasmine note is complemented by fresh, sparkling citruses and musk. We learned from Valerie what makes her fragrances so natural and lively.

Valerie Pianelli

The composition is really very natural, natural, but this is achieved not only with the help of natural ingredients. For example, musk plays an important role in any perfume. Natural cannot be used by law (musk is extracted from the glands of musk deer deer approx. editions), so we use the synthesized one. If you take a cheap, low-quality one, it will instantly change the entire pyramid, and it will no longer sound natural, says Pianelli. We use only excellent expensive musk of artificial origin, which is why we manage to create such weightless, but at the same time persistent aromas.».

Another ingredient that enhances longevity, according to Valerie, ambergris. It wraps around citrus and floral notes and doesn’t let them escape.»the expert explains.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrances have long been appreciated by Hollywood stars: for example, Sharon Stone loves Vanille Ambre, Madonna loves Amour de Cacao, and Nicole Kidman wears Vanille Abricot. We think that “jasmine lace” will also soon have its star fans.

We have already evaluated the novelty and we can say with confidence The fragrance really lasts all day, but at the same time it is absolutely not intrusive in its sound. What summer notes do you usually look for in perfumes?


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