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Patch masks have long been a trend: they are comfortable, easy to use and provide immediate results. Today we will talk about one of them – a mask with a lifting effect for the Mezocare Y-zone, “Black Pearl”.

In the sachet you will find one mask, generously soaked in a meso-cocktail of active regenerating ingredients. The canvas is large, so it covers absolutely the entire face, including the area next to the ears, as well as the neck. The mask is not in vain called the “Y-zone”: it was created specifically to tighten the chin area, neck and facial contours in general.

Mask for the Y-zone with a lifting effect Mezocare, “Black Pearl”

The fabric of the mask is special: it is made of a material that helps to deliver useful components to the deeper layers of the skin. Keep the composition on the skin for 15-20 minutes. With a mask, it is convenient to walk around the house and go about your business – it does not slip and does not lag behind the face, because the cutouts that follow the contours of the face are very successfully made on the canvas.

The manufacturer promises that the result will be visible immediately after application – and this is the absolute truth. After twenty minutes, it feels like the skin has been reinforced: it really tightens a little, becomes moisturized, nourished, elastic. The active ingredients in the composition are responsible for this effect – natural oils, niacinamide and vitamin E.

The mask is multifunctional: it will perfectly prepare the skin for a party or an important event, or, conversely, restore it after a sleepless night.

Advice from Black Pearl brand experts:

Immediately after removing the mask from the face, do a light massage. With gentle movements of the fingertips, walk from the lower part of the neck to the chin, and then from the chin to the outer corners of the lips and earlobes, from the wings of the nose to the temples and back. This will increase blood flow and improve the absorption of serum residue, so the skin will glow.


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