Ekaterina Vulichenko
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Star ladies with the advent of autumn dressed in warm coats. Each of them, of course, wants to look stylish and avoid annoying mistakes. Therefore, many of them tend to choose classic models of the most elegant silhouettes. Well-known throughout Moscow fashionista, TV presenter Aurorafor example, prefers “pure” classics, and the actress Ekaterina Vulichenko settled on the color “wet asphalt”.

Ekaterina Vulichenko with her daughter
Photo: @vulichenko (Instagram* Ekaterina Vulichenko)

However, for a walk with her daughter Sonya in the Park of Arts, Catherine chose a different model, and most importantly, she put on sneakers under her coat. This is not at all forbidden today, but on the contrary, it is even welcomed.

Kate Moss
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Anna Wintour
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Western fashionistas are experimenting much more this season. Famous former top model Kate Moss enjoys wearing an animal-colored coat. And the most competent fashion expert in the world Anna Wintour and completely chose a coat with a very unusual black and white pattern.

Coat Ani Lorak without a collar
Photo: ani_lorakk (Instagram* Ani Lorak)

Another steady trend: many celebrities this fall leaned towards coats without collars, under the throat. This style is to the liking of the singer Ani Lorakand an actress Alika Smekhova.

Coat Aliki Smekhova without a collar
Photo: @alika_smekhova (Instagram* Alika Smekhova)

How to wear a classic coat?
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Poncho by Roberto Cavalli
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Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and other brands continue to advocate sleeveless models: all kinds of capes, capes and ponchos. Even myself Stefano Gabbana, who visited Moscow last Thursday in connection with the opening of a new boutique of the brand, walked around the city in a cape of his own production. Capes and ponchos are decorated with a variety of ornaments, patterns and fringes.

By the way, classic coats of a traditional cut, beige and camel, with an English collar, fitted, knee-length, are also still relevant. But women of fashion are offered to wear them with completely new accessories: large knitted hats on their heads and rough shoes in a masculine style. And if you also wear thick woolen socks under your boots, then you will definitely be in trend.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova with her nephew
Photo: @bosco_di_ciliegi (Instagram* Bosco di Ciliegi)

If we talk about the color palette of fashionable coats, then we can not help but pay attention to two obvious trends. Firstly, more and more ladies prefer the most delicate powdery pink color. This very winning and noble shade is actually not typical for outerwear. This is where all the beauty lies. A woman in a powdery pink coat will immediately be noticed. A striking example of this is the appearance of the singer Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week. Her elegant sleeveless cape was appreciated by all fashion critics. And he deserved a lot of the most flattering reviews.

Rihanna’s cape at the Dior fashion show attracted the attention of all photographers
Photo: @dior (Instagram* Dior)

The second atypical color, which is also very relevant this season, can definitely be called bright yellow. It also became one of the most popular shades at the fall Paris Fashion Week. And this is also quite understandable. Fashionistas all over the world today want their outerwear to look original too. In addition, the yellow color carries a very positive, solar energy, which is so lacking for everyone with the onset of cold weather.

Fashionista of Paris
Photo: @sergeKerbel (Instagram* Serge Kerbel)

Fashionista of Paris
Photo: @sergeKerbel (Instagram* Serge Kerbel)


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