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When thinking of fall, we traditionally think of coats in every shade of beige, sweaters in burgundy or emerald, but this season, deep rich tones complement futuristic and unusually bright colors for autumn. The most important shades of the autumn-winter 2018/2019 season are in the 7days.ru review.

Red pear

Autumn spices and cold air – that’s what you feel when you look at the shade of “red pear”. Deep, voluminous, truly autumnal. It looks good both in a monochromatic image and in combination with other shades.

Versace fall-winter 2018

Valentino fall-winter 2018

Scarlet poppy – Valiant poppy

A shade that adds brightness to gray autumn days. Bold red will help set the accents and create a stylish look.

Olive in martini – Martini Olive

Calm and muted shades can create a special autumn mood. The olive color is elegant and interesting with its green hue, which is successfully combined with a warm palette.

Chloe fall-winter 2018

Balenciaga autumn-winter 2018

Smoky blue – Nebulas blue

An unusual color, reminiscent of the blue of autumn twilight, will definitely appeal to fashionistas. Thanks to this shade, you can create cosmic images from which it is difficult to take your eyes off.

Ceylon yellow – Ceylon yellow

The name of the shade is reminiscent of Ceylon tea, and the color itself is more associated with India and spicy spices. Both are an integral part of the autumn atmosphere. Ceylon yellow will add an exotic mood to the autumn look and will not allow you to create a dull look.

Carolina Herrera FW 2018

Dolce&Gabbana Fall-Winter 2018

Ultraviolet – Ultra violet

When choosing such an extravagant and intense shade as ultraviolet, the question arises: what to combine and how to wear? Color looks great in monochrome images. You can use a combination of neighboring colors and get an image of an ultramarine, turquoise and ultraviolet trio. In autumn landscapes, ultraviolet will look advantageous in combination with shades of yellow and orange.

Earthy orange – Russet orange

The shade fits perfectly into the landscapes of autumn. It has both color-changing foliage and the last warm sunsets. A color that resists near cold weather and adds optimism to everyday looks.

Dries van Noten F/W 2018

Miu Miu autumn-winter 2018

Crocus petal – Crocus petal

Usually we are used to seeing this shade in spring-summer collections, but it also fits perfectly into the autumn picture. The cold and calm shade reminds of the morning chill.

Light lime – Limelight

Bright, but at the same time cold shade. Especially suitable for early autumn, because it will nobly emphasize the tan.

Balmain autumn-winter 2018

Gucci fall-winter 2018

Green Quetzal – Quetzal green

The shade that gained its popularity thanks to Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s wife appeared in a quezal green PAROSH sheath dress at their joint interview. In the autumn wardrobe, this shade looks great in tandem with a red pear.


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