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Pimples on the back often haunt not only owners of problematic and oily skin, but also those who play sports. There are many reasons for the appearance of ugly and often purulent inflammations, and the effective way to deal with them is one and very unexpected.

Causes of acne on the back

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Experts say that there are quite a lot of sebaceous and sweat glands on the back, the skin here is dense, and as cells are renewed, sebum quickly mixes with keratinized scales and easily clogs pores.

Too tight synthetic clothing contributes to this process. It stimulates perspiration, prevents sebum from coming to the surface. Incorrectly selected sportswear also works in this field. Therefore, it should not be too tight, cramped, and after class it is better to remove it immediately and take a shower.

Hard washcloths, which they love to “tear” in the literal sense of the skin so that it is healthy, add oil to the fire. These “skuraders” literally destroy the protective layer of the skin, scratch it, causing infection and inflammation.

Gel and other body washes can also give rise to pimples if not used properly. For example, for a fatty type, you cannot use products with lanolin (sheep wool is mined, in fact, this is its sebum), heavy oils (shea, coconut, palm oil). They just clog pores. The same can be said about creams with a similar composition.

How to treat acne on the back

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With the traditional treatment regimen, you need to choose shower gels with acids, then apply salicylic acid pointwise to inflammation. These groups fight bacteria and dry out pimples. On top, it is necessary to apply a cream with aloe vera, this component softens and soothes the skin, relieves redness.

But, experts reveal another interesting life hack, instead of a shower gel with acids, it is more efficient to use dandruff shampoo, then repeat the above scheme with a cream and a remedy for spot inflammation. The shampoo contains a full-fledged group that quickly cracks down on bacteria and acne pathogens – benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and selenium. They destroy the cell membrane of bacteria and prevent them from multiplying further. Shampoo with active rashes is recommended to be used every day. And as the pimples dry up 2 times a week to avoid exacerbation.


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