Since Coco Chanel gave women the right to wear trousers, gender lines blurred even more. For men, they produce collections of skirts, ladies make half-box haircuts and stand for the right to go without a bra.

The beauty industry is also losing all orientation. Brands produce makeup collections marked for men, creams that can be used with a boyfriend and, of course, unisex perfumes.

The territory of aromas has long been without a gender, and this applies not only to a separate caste of selectors. Mass-market and luxury also lost their bearings. Unisex fragrances rule the roost. It is all the more interesting to watch this game and transformation. Perfume mixes can be shared with a boyfriend, and they will sit on you in completely different ways. The most interesting unisex fragrances in our review.

Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne Intense Jo Malone

Photo: jo malone

The aroma of a fire, freshly cut grass and grapefruit bitterness suits both a strict suit of a big boss and a feminine evening dress with an open back.

Fragrance Ame Fauve Origine Hayari Paris

Photo: hayari paris

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “scent of the wild”? Putting aside all the dirty insinuations, this is a predatory and daring perfume that personifies the tiger. Nutmeg, neroli, oud, frankincense, sandalwood, saffron, musk, amber, animal civet, leather describe the hunter, whether male or female.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay cologne

Photo: jo malone

Sweet lovers will love the aroma of juicy berries, combined with the smell of nature after the rain and leathery notes. This cologne-compote evokes childhood memories and brings you out of the state of spleen.

L’eau Kenzo pour homme

Photo: kenzo

Ocean freshness mixed with citrus fruits will appeal to both sexes. On men, the fragrance looks brutally romantic, on girls it is gentle, and citrus notes appear brighter on them.

Noblige Laboratorio Olfattivo

Photo: loboratorio olfattivo

Only one thing can be said about the fragrance, woven from delicate powdery accords, sour citrus, delicate lavender flowers, neroli, iris, spicy sweetness of vanilla, tonka beans – elusive beauty. Moreover, such an olfactory comparison suits everyone.

Ombre Leather Tom Ford Beauty

Photo: Tom Ford

The spice of cardamom and saffron, as if from the bazaars of India, the floral chords of Indian jasmine, black leather, patchouli, vetiver, amber are reminiscent of the fairy tale of the East, and everyone will have their own.

Water lilies

Photo: vdohni

The young Russian perfume brand has already made a strong presence on the market. What is this unisex fragrance inspired by the paintings of the French Impressionists. Strokes of water lily, bitterness of petitgrain, coolness of fresh grass and a light haze of vetiver make up a picture that will appeal to free artists at heart.


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