Anna Shulgina

Photo: @anna_shulgina (Instagram * Anna Shulgina)

In July, 22-year-old daughter ValeriaAnna Shulgina – moved to a new apartment. Now the girl is actively engaged in arranging her home. The aspiring singer pays attention not only to the interior and furniture, but also to original accessories. For her “nest”, decorated in black and white, Anna ordered personalized towels. They are embroidered with a crown and the first letters of the girl’s first and last name – “ASH”. Especially for the guests, the hostess purchased towels with the inscription “Be my guest” in English.

“Interestingly, is it so pleasant for everyone to take care of the comfort of their new apartment?) I just get high! I love it so much that I have it in black and white! It is reminiscent of a bachelor’s apartment somewhere in New York, which is often shown in American films. I decided to make personalized towels, what to do, I love everything unusual), ”Shulgina explained her choice.

Valeria’s daughter ordered personalized towels

Photo: @anna_shulgina (Instagram * Anna Shulgina)

The singer decided to emphasize her star status with a personal dressing gown. The black silk kimono bears the same crown and logo in gold letters.

Anna Shulgina is arranging her new apartment

Photo: @anna_shulgina (Instagram * Anna Shulgina)

Recall that now Anna Shulgina is engaged in her career. The girl has already managed to release several clips, and is going to present her debut album soon. A lot of discussion among fans of Shulgina and her mother was caused by the participation of the girl in a candid photo shoot for a men’s magazine. The family of the beginning star was against such a bold step, and Valeria’s husband Joseph Prigogineon the contrary, supported the singer.


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