Victoria Dayneko moves from a country house, where she lived with her daughter, to her two-room apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. “It’s a pity, of course, to move from the Moscow region,” the singer said. “There is nature here and a wonderful view from the window. But it’s time to return to Moscow. Today I am packing while my daughter is in kindergarten. True, I’m looking around now and don’t understand how to put it all together?

The star admitted that the country house did not belong to her, she rented it for the summer. “Firstly, in the summer it is better to live outside the city, and secondly, it coincided that just at that time my apartment was being renovated. True, I practically didn’t change anything there, I just redid the bathroom and changed the flooring throughout the apartment. But she left her favorite blue wallpaper. I really like the interior of the apartment. Everything is so cute, girlish there ”… When moving, the singer was helped by a special team, which the star prudently hired in advance.

Before leaving the apartment, Daineko went live and gave a virtual tour of the apartment for her fans. In it, the star admitted that, while collecting things, she inhaled dust, which caused her to have an allergic reaction. “I am allergic to dust, smoke, even alcohol. I try not to advertise it, but not to hide it, otherwise on tour, for example, it may not end very well.


By Yara

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