Emmanuil Vitorgan he could not even imagine what an unpleasant surprise he would have when he returned from the celebration of the mini-anniversary of his Vitorgan Club in Jurmala. While the people’s artist and his wife Irina and their friends celebrated the fifth anniversary of the prestigious institution, the criminals made their way into their house and took out valuables. Returning home late at night, the couple found that uninvited guests had visited the mansion. Irina and Emmanuel were incredibly upset by the fact that in the modern world it doesn’t matter whether you serve art or save people – anyone can become a victim of intruders.

“This has never happened before,” Irina complains. – Once upon a time, the actor was untouchable. Everything has changed. Bitterly. We came to Jurmala with a good mission. It is a pity that someone did not understand this. Touching the house of the People’s Artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan is beyond the limits. This evening we celebrated 5 years of Vitorgan Club in Latvia. In our beloved Jurmala… We live on Theater Street. Maybe these nonhumans will understand whose house they dared to climb into? And will they be ashamed? We are simply killed by the very fact of the robbery. It’s not even that we suffered financially … Although they took away all the decorations. There were few of them, but they were collected for a lifetime.

According to Irina, the alarm did not work, as an assistant worked in the house during the day, all the doors were open. Apparently, at the moment when the housekeeper was cleaning the yard, a daring crime was committed.


By Yara

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