Wax, tweezers or threads: what is the best way to correct eyebrows
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This season, according to the stars and experts of brow fashion, natural eyebrows are at their peak, but well-corrected. Since ancient times, three methods have been proposed to remove excess vegetation and bushiness – wax, tweezers and threads.

Each master, and in the presence of brou-bars breeding like mushrooms after rain, for a service recommends going to a professional, defending his favorite technique.

But which one is more effective, and what is actually the best way to correct eyebrows? Liana Vodakhova, brow specialist of the Keep Looking salon chainproposes to consider each separately.

Eyebrow correction with tweezers

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Correction with tweezers is ideal for removing a small amount of hair. Tweezers allow you to give clarity to the shape of the eyebrows. Every woman can use this method at home.

Eyebrow correction with threads

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This technique has been tested for centuries and it originated in ancient Egypt. The threads have an obvious plus – they allow you to correct your eyebrows faster than tweezers, because you can remove several hairs at the same time. Minus – this method may seem more painful. Suitable for those who want to quickly get rid of excess fluff around the eyebrows. But at home, you should not practice thread correction on your own, without knowing the technique, you can lose your eyebrows and get severe irritation.

Eyebrow correction with wax

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Hair removal with wax allows you to maximize the intervals between eyebrow correction procedures. This method is suitable for thick, coarse and intensively growing hair. At home, it is not recommended to do wax correction, as it is not always possible to perform the procedure accurately, and, as in the case of threads, it is easy to be left without eyebrows or with half an eyebrow. In addition, it is difficult to control which hairs will be captured by the wax. There is a risk of burns and blisters.

What is the most efficient technique

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The most effective correction method is wax. The intervals between eyebrow waxing procedures can be 4-6 weeks.

But after wax, as well as after threads, irritations and allergic reactions can occur. In the case of tweezers, everything is not so difficult, and correction with it can be carried out at home. True, unlike wax, hairs after correction will grow back in one and a half to two weeks.


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