A healthy diet helps 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston maintain beautiful skin and slim figure

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston in less than half a year it will be 50 years old, but who will give it? Always sunny, cheerful and smiling, Aniston conquers millions of women with her attitude to life. However, not so long ago, disputes and discussions once again flared up around the personality of the actress – and all because she commented on her childlessness in the September issue of the American edition of InStyle. Jennifer stated that perhaps her purpose on the planet is not to have a baby. “Maybe my destiny is in other things,” she says.

The actress immediately received a response from the public in response to her words: some criticized Aniston’s position on childbearing, while others, on the contrary, gave the star strong support.

Many commentators on the Web have also said that Jen’s blooming appearance is most likely due to the fact that she does not have children and she has the opportunity to devote a lot of time to caring for herself. Like it or not, we won’t guess, but it’s hard not to admit that the celebrity really looks great.

The subject of admiration for fans of Aniston has always been her figure. We decided to figure out what the star’s diet consists of, which helps her stay slim and fit. Interesting details revealed!

Celebrity favorite drink

Aniston herself has repeatedly told in an interview what she eats. Over time, her tastes changed: for example, a few years ago she could not imagine her life without coffee. Today everything has changed: Jennifer eliminated morning coffee from her diet and replaced it with a glass of warm water with lemon. This is how many stars start their day, and for good reason: nutritionists agree that this is a great way to start the digestive system and make up for the lack of fluid in the body after a long night.

Oatmeal with a secret ingredient

Jennifer Aniston adds beaten egg white to oatmeal
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Jen likes to eat oatmeal for breakfast, and her ex-husband Justin Theroux taught her how to cook this simple dish in a special way. “Just before the end of cooking, you need to beat the egg white a little and mix it into the porridge”, says the actress. This gives the dish an airy fluffy texture and softens the taste.

Other breakfast options from Aniston: smoothies with berries and fruits, cocoa powder, protein powders and almond milk, as well as toast with avocado and olive oil. Simple and tasty.

What’s for lunch and dinner?

Salad is one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite dishes.
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Aniston dines as simply as possible: salad. She adds turkey, beans, vegetables to her lettuce, varying and constantly trying new ingredients. “During the filming of Friends, we even called it Jennifer’s salad,” says a friend and colleague of the actress Courteney Cox. “We ate this dish on the set day after day for ten years.” Well, now it’s clear how the stars manage to stay slim to this day!

In general, Aniston’s favorite foods are quite simple: vegetables, chicken, eggs (the actress even has her own chickens, so she usually eats homemade eggs), protein-rich foods, and whole grain snacks.

Likes it colder

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An interesting dish in Jen’s diet is frozen fruit. She especially likes frozen red grapes. She first tried it at a spa and thought it was a great substitute for sweets. “It quenches thirst well and crunches so nicely,” says the actress. In addition, as an evening snack, Jennifer respects frozen yogurt. The actress also drinks her favorite Smartwater water mainly cold, and if she wants to diversify its taste, she adds a little natural sweetener – stevia – to the glass.

And what gastronomic ideas Jennifer Aniston do you use?


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