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Choosing a shade at home and your collection or in the salon together with the master, you fall for a certain color for a reason. This tone speaks volumes about your personality and state of mind. Psychologists said that manicure says about you.

Fiery red color

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The impulsive shade is preferred by romantic and passionate natures. It is still possible that you have beriberi and you need a dose of positive, since it falls on orange tones. To the category of fiery-red shades, the manicurist also includes coral-red, orange-red. Experts consider this palette ideal not only for autumn, but also for hot summer.

Gray tint

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A real wolf in sheep’s clothing. In appearance, gray, faded and invisible in a manicure, makes the nails chic, it is important to choose your undertone. And in the gray palette, in fact, there are more than 50 shades than the author of the “hit” of the same name. There are rare ones like “warm suede” or warm gray.

This shade looks great on the nails and makes the manicure expensive, for all its dullness. If you choose gray, then you are under stress. After all, this shade is referred to as “sedative”, it is believed that when looking at it, anxiety decreases.

Blood red tint

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A shade between red and wine is chosen, according to experts, by those who are very angry. Blood red manicure is even called evil. On the other hand, in this shade, as psychologists say, there is a sexual connotation, or rather unfulfilled sexual desires. So now think about what is closer to you.

black tint

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Far from being ready, this color is chosen by artistic natures, creative personalities and rebels at heart. Manicurists call black an expensive shade, it goes well with any design options, any length and shape of nails.

blue tint

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All gradations of blue – from tiffany to ultramarine and even with a purple undertone, are recognized as a palette for creative, creative, but at the same time pragmatic and not losing ground under their feet personalities. The blue hue has a twofold effect depending on the subtone. Ultramarine and blue are stimulating, while deep and dark like the ocean is soothing.

pink shade

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From soft pink to bubblegum, these are all shades that relax. Girlish tones are often chosen by those who are actually tense. Also girls who want to emphasize their playfulness and femininity fall on pink, no matter how trite it may sound.

White shade

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The color is far from brides in manicure preferred by beauties forever young at heart and easy-going. This airy shade delights nail masters, they say that any combinations in design are possible with it, and the solo tone looks great. It makes the nails longer and even rejuvenates the hands. True, manicure masters note that white is not for everyone, this tone is suitable for owners of olive and golden skin. Porcelain dolls in flight.

Metallic lacquer or glitter

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Shades with a metallic effect and sparkles are chosen by those who are bored, and those, no matter how trite it may sound, who are looking for a holiday.

neon shades

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Yellow, green, light green and other neon tones cheer up. If you need a boost of endorphins, you won’t find a better palette. But the effect of color therapy can be fraught for girls who are on a diet. According to psychologists, the neon palette stimulates the appetite.

Clear nail polish

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There are girls who are absolutely academic in manicure, and choose only transparent varnish for coating. These ladies, according to psychologists, love complex tasks and cope with them. To focus, they should not be distracted by anything, and any shade on the nails is an irritant.

A manicure that will cheer you up and relieve stress


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