As we age, our habits, style and preferences change. It is unlikely that at 40 you will apply the same war paint that you did out of inexperience at 20. You probably changed high stilettos (on which you washed your feet and stuffed bumps at discos) for comfortable and fashionable sneakers or slip-ons.

In general, after 40, when life is just beginning, it is advised to radically change. In order not to look younger, but to look younger, you need to change your hairstyle, clothing style, makeup and, of course, choose the right perfume.

By the way, aroma can both make you age and rejuvenate no worse than a plastic surgeon. How to choose the right perfume “outfit” after 40, said Natalia Trognon, training manager at Eisenberg Paris.

Why after 40 you need to change your preferences in aromas

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You have probably noticed that with age your preference in aromas has changed, you are no longer interested in light citrus compositions, but you are drawn to aromas with a rose soloist or spices with vanilla at the head.

“This is because the sense of smell weakens with age. As the body ages, the olfactory fibers also atrophy. In addition, there are a number of other factors that can lead to a change / weakening of the sense of smell – various diseases of the nasopharynx, smoking, specific working conditions,” says Natalia.

The second culprit for the dulling of the sense of smell can be considered a hormonal background. With age, it also changes, in women the supply of estrogen decreases and the amount of testosterone increases. That is why, after 40, your favorite fragrance for many years can “sit” badly on you.

1. Festival Splashes MEXX fragrance. 2. Perfume LE PARFUM ROYAL ELIE SAAB. 3. Aroma R[ECO]NSIDER LIMITED EDITION Springfield. 4. Poppy & Barley Jo Malone fragrance. 5. Eau de Parfum Perceive Soul Avon.

All these factors should not scare you, it’s just time to go shopping to replenish your perfume wardrobe with scents “to fit”.

What fragrances go to a woman after 40

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With a change in hormonal levels, you can switch to brighter, and even masculine fragrances, perfumes with the addition of powdery accords. They will sit on you harmoniously and naturally, and no one will shout after you, something like: “I got the perfume from my grandmother’s chest.”

1. BLACK OPIUM INTENSE fragrance by Yves Sain Laurent. 2. Perfume Beautiful Belle Love Estee Lauder. 3. Perfume Editions de Parfums Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle. 5. Loved Up Feel Good Oriflame fragrance. 6. Perfumed water “Amber” L’Occitane.

Let this definition not confuse you, but the concept of age-related perfumes still exists. They are suitable for women with hormonal changes in the body. More light, unpretentious citrus or floral perfumes simply won’t sit on you, or make the look cheap. Take a closer look at catchy compositions, don’t be afraid to experiment.

1. For Her fragrance EMANUEL UNGARO. 2. Perfume Sandalwood Demeter. 3. Signorina Ribelle Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance. 4. Perfume SPLENDIDA TUBEREUSE MYSTIQUE Bvlgari.

“Try to complement your look with trails of concentrated fragrances, luxurious veils of vanilla, ylang-ylang, or languid notes of woody varieties, rich, sometimes savory spices. They will help you become bright and inimitable. They will make you playful and rejuvenate,” Natalya emphasizes.

Choose the right scent

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The most important thing is not to peck at fashion trends. Marketers ask them to sell another beautiful bottle. Before buying, be sure to “measure” the aroma. Yes, exactly, it needs to be measured, just like you try on clothes. It is important to understand whether he is sitting or not. Only in the case of clothes, you can immediately evaluate everything by looking in the mirror. With perfume, the story is more complicated. He should reveal himself to you, playing all the notes of the composition. And this can take a whole day and even night. No wonder perfumers say that in order to fully understand whether a fragrance suits you or not, you need to sleep with him, like with a man.

1. Adidas Unlock fragrance. 2. Perfume LE PECHE FEMME Eisenberg. 3. Perfume STORIES DKNY. 4. Her Secret Antonio Banderas fragrance. 5. Perfume Eau de Parfum Garden Party La Collection Parfums Yves Rocher.

Apply your favorite perfume in the store to several points, and go on business. If by the morning you don’t get tired of this fragrance, but on the contrary, fall in love with yourself even more, feel free to go shopping.

What scents to avoid after 40

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It is definitely worth avoiding fashionable girly compositions, they will look cheap on you and will not decorate the image at all. Also, do not buy perfume if it gives you a headache, drives you into depression, and brings nothing but stress.


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