Vertical fur layout
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Fur coats with a horizontal layout can easily be worn by women up to size 48
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It has become so cold outside that many are already seriously thinking that very soon it will be time to wrap themselves in furs. The founder of the Dreamfur brand, which has been on the market for ten years and specializes in making outerwear from exclusive Russian sable, marten and lynx fur, Ekaterina Batishcheva gives some useful tips. Firstly, in no case should you refuse products of natural shades, which in the most advantageous way emphasize the highest quality of fur.

Secondly, pay attention to the combined products that are in trend today. For example, a cashmere and wool coat with fur trim. Thirdly, do not ignore fashionable accessories (hats, mittens) and bags made of sable and marten fur.

Fashionable fur jackets in sport chic style
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What style to choose? This is perhaps the most difficult question for those who are going to buy a fur coat. Tall and slender is much easier. They all go. But many overweight women often say that they like both sable and marten, but they are afraid to buy fur coats from this fur, because they will look even larger in them. What does Catherine advise? Take into account the type of figure: someone has a magnificent chest, another lady has a wide back or powerful hips, someone has full arms. Of course, in this case, individual tailoring can help out. And yet there are a few universal rules. The first thing to consider is the type of fur layout. Fashionable today, the transverse layout will definitely give extra pounds. Therefore, fur coats with a transverse layout go slender. Up to size 48. What should others do? Think about the fact that a fur coat can be combined. For example, choose a model where only the sleeves and collar are made of fur with a transverse layout. The second option, the most advantageous, the diagonal layout of the fur will visually make the silhouette more elongated. If a girl or woman has curvy hips, she can be offered a barrel silhouette. Be sure to pay attention to the cut of the sleeves. The most win-win options for the full: “bat” or “kimono”.

Fur coat with batwing sleeve
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Combined fur coat: the diagonal layout of the main part is combined with the sleeves with a horizontal layout
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Dropped armhole always gives a very good effect. The vertical layout suits everyone, but much more fur is required to sew such a product. And this is immediately reflected in the price of a fur coat. For those who cannot afford a fur coat, fashionable cashmere parkas trimmed with sable or marten are offered. You can choose options for more budget fur vests or light down jackets, which have details from the fur of the same marten. Dropped sleeves, a relaxed silhouette, sport-chic furs are in trend this season. And finally, fashionable fur bags a la shopping bags. They are also able to decorate their mistress.


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