Tax changes mainly occur at the beginning of the year 2022 is no exception. PRAVOCARD lawyers talk about positive changes in tax legislation.

Simplify your tax deduction

Starting from 2022, it will be easier to get a tax deduction. Now it is enough to submit an application through the personal account of the taxpayer.

At the same time, tax officials will receive all documents and information confirming the right to deduction themselves. The changes relate to such deductions as: social, property, investment.

Sports tax deduction

From January 1, 2022, you can get a tax deduction for sports and recreation services. The tax deduction will be provided based on the actual costs of the taxpayer for physical education services, but not more than 120 thousand rubles for the tax period.

The amount will be added to other funds received from other social deductions, and the total amount of money should not exceed 120 thousand rubles a year. Thus, at a tax rate of 13% for visiting gyms and fitness centers, you can return 15.6 thousand rubles.

Reimbursement of funds spent on fitness can be done in two ways:

  • Through the tax office, you can receive a tax deduction for sports and fitness in 2023. Your tax return must include sports and fitness expenses for 2022. You can file a tax return in person, by filing with the IFTS at the place of residence, and also, for convenience, use your personal account on the website of the tax service. A declaration is filled out on the site and scanned versions of documents are sent along with it. After verification, the tax overpayment will be credited to your bank account.
  • Through your employer, you can claim a sports and fitness tax credit in 2022. The first step is to receive a notification from the tax office. You confirm the right to a deduction by providing receipts for payment for services and an agreement for their provision. The notification can be issued in the personal account of the taxpayer on the website of the Federal Tax Service. Next month, your employer will not withhold personal income tax at 13% – you will receive it along with your salary until you use the entire amount of the deduction.

The list of physical culture and sports organizations and individual entrepreneurs providing sports and recreation services for which citizens can receive a social tax deduction for sports is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation in the section “On tax deduction for sports”. It included 3836 organizations.

To receive a tax deduction, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the receipt by a citizen of sports and recreation services:

  • declaration 3–NDFL;
  • certificates 2-NDFL;
  • service agreement;
  • checks (receipts) for payment of services.

After considering the application and making a positive decision on the payment, the amount of money is credited to the citizen to his bank account.

When selling inexpensive real estate, you do not need to pay personal income tax

Citizens, when selling inexpensive real estate, starting from the tax period of 2021, are exempt from personal income tax.

A citizen does not need to file a tax return if:

  • he sold an object of immovable property: a house, an apartment, a room, a garden house or a land participant, and received 1 million rubles for it;
  • when selling other property (for example, a car, a garage, etc.), the income amounted to no more than 250 thousand rubles.

When selling a home, families with children are exempt from personal income tax

Until 2022, families with two or more children after the sale of housing, like everyone else, had to transfer part of the income received in the form of personal income tax to the state budget. Since the new year, this category of citizens is exempt from such a rule. This option will be valid for income received from January 1, 2021.

In order to exercise this right, five conditions must be met:

  1. The family must have two or more children under the age of 18 (or children under 24 if they are studying full-time);
  2. New housing must be purchased in the same calendar year in which the old one was sold or no later than April 30 of the following year;
  3. In the acquired object, the total area or its cadastral value must be greater than in the sold object;
  4. The cadastral value of the sold housing should not exceed 50 million rubles;
  5. During the sale of residential real estate, no family member should own another residential property, the area of ​​​​which in the aggregate is more than 50% of the area of ​​the purchased housing.

Exemption of prize income from personal income tax

In 2022, it is not necessary to pay personal income tax on income received in the form of prizes in cash and in kind at the expense of budget funds as part of incentive measures for citizens who took part in vaccination against a new coronavirus infection.


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