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In 2018, which will be held under the sign of the Yellow Earth Dog, jewelry and accessories should not be flashy, as it was in the outgoing year of the Red Fire Rooster. However, the very combination of color and elements of the future symbol of the year implies their presence, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Priority – gold jewelry

First of all, since the color of the dog is yellow, it is worth considering jewelry made of gold or metal imitating it as accessories. About silver, however, also should not be forgotten, especially silver with gilding. Both costume jewelry and products made from ceramoplastics, which are fashionable in our time, are suitable, if they are made in the spectrum of yellow-orange gamut.

As for stones, natural crystals in the colors of the coming year are ideal. Well, the sunniest and most earthly stone is, of course, amber. Hardened petrified resin is otherwise called pieces of the sun, a reflection of the depths of centuries …

Meeting the New Year in accessories with amber is ideal conditions for friendship with a dog. However, if amber is not your favorite stone, any other yellow shade will do. Fortunately, the future mistress of the year is not at all conservative in her choice.

Yellow agate, which is considered a stone of health, prosperity and longevity, zircon, topaz, or, as it was called until the 19th century, “Siberian diamond”, as it often adorned the crowns of sultans and kings of many countries, but whatever, if only to please the one who wears, and mistress of the year.

Shape, cut and size do not matter. Each stone is unique and tells the true story of the Earth and reveals the element of the symbol of the coming year.

Do not deprive the dog of freedom!

As for the types of jewelry, often advice on what to wear to please the dog: rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, contradict each other. For example, a choker is a necklace resembling a collar, stylists are already calling it a fashion hit of 2018.

It has such different shapes and styles that it will suit both representatives of youth subcultures and those who prefer the classics. Leather, velvet, lace, decorated with sequins, beads, they will suit any outfit.

However, astrologers strongly do not recommend wearing not only a choker for the New Year, but any necklace or chain in general. The fact is that according to one of the versions, the collar, the leash, is what fetters the dog. Remember the poem: “And the poodle with a whip and a copper collar?”

The poodle, as it turns out, was “not happy” with gifts. How unhappy the dog will be when he sees symbols on you that deprive him of his freedom. This is especially true for gifts. It is by no means possible to give any neck decoration for this New Year. But earrings on a girl’s ears or cufflinks on a man’s shirt lapels will please the dog.

Cats must be abandoned

As for the ornament of jewelry, ideally, of course, there will be decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, fruits. Figurines in the form of a symbol of the year – various dogs, puppies, even wolves will also look elegant and out of place.

But the cats beloved by all will have to be flatly abandoned. This will anger the mistress of the next year. So, perhaps, summing up the above, the most terrible decoration for the New Year will be a pendant in the form of a kitten figurine.


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