What Makeup Arrows Say About Your Personality
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Experts are always looking for meaning in everything from your zodiac sign to the color of lipstick you walked out of the house with. They found an explanation for another phenomenon. It turns out that the arrows that you draw in front of your eyes to make your eyes look more expressive are not chosen by chance. The shape and even the color of the eyeliner says a lot about your personality.

cat arrows

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The famous cat eyes are adored by makeup artists. Usually such arrows are recommended to be done in make-up for the evening. They give expressiveness to the eyes, a look of languor and sexuality. Girls who draw cat arrows always, as it turned out, love to be in the spotlight, they are very sociable, positive, they have a wild imagination. But there is one pitfall: lovers of cat eyes are avid perfectionists.

Bright eyeliner

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If your hands are reaching for bright liners (pink, blue, yellow), then you are a creative person. Which is not surprising. Lovers of bold shooters love fun, do not be afraid of criticism and condemnation of the crowd.

smoky arrows

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Makeup artists consider the arrows shaded with shadows to be universal for day and evening makeup. This option is suitable for both those who have filled their hands and for beginners. A life hack especially helps the latter: if you shade the resulting not very arrow with the help of shadows, you can not wash off the makeup and not apply it again. Smoky arrows give a sexy look. But contrary to popular belief, experts admit that romantic natures love such an eyeliner.

Arrows metallic

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Arrows created with metallic effect pencils are loved by those who are used to standing out from the crowd and hate boredom, even in makeup. Indeed, eyeliner with a glow effect looks unusual and adds sparkle to the eyes.

Different arrows

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If you are not an adherent of one style and make different arrows every day, then you, like each of us, have a mixture of different personalities. You have a playful, romantic, and creative side, and even the inner perfectionist sometimes shows itself.

Playing with different eyeliners is an opportunity to show the world your new side every day, and most importantly, show it to yourself.


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