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From exposure to the active sun, especially in hot resorts, even panama will not save our hair. The color under the influence of heat begins to fade, and the hair falls out. How to protect them, she told us Averyanova Maria, Lakme Leading Technologist in Russia.

Use solar lines

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In the heat, the amino acids that are produced by the body go in large quantities to the formation of melanin, but they are not enough to nourish the skin, including the head. Therefore, the hair begins to dry, exfoliate and fall out in the heat. Plus, the sun draws the last juices – water, keratin from the strands. As a result, the hair becomes dull and lifeless.

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1. Sunscreen UV Cut Spray DEMI Professiona. 2. ILONA LUNDEN hair care spray. 3. Leave-in spray-conditioner “Summer care” Gliss Kur. 4. Laminating gloss spray for colored hair with Caviar Alterna color fixation complex. 5. Aussie hair oil.

If you spend a lot of time in the active sun, to protect them, pay attention to the solar hair lines, these are labeled sun on the label. Stock up on masks, balms and shampoos from this collection. The composition of sun-products contains moisturizing and nourishing components, a whole complex of amino acids. They replenish the supply of nutrients in the strands, revive them to life.

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1. Londa Professional leave-in conditioner. 2. SUNSORIALS BIOLAGE hair balm. 3. Shampoo SOLAR SUBLIME L’Oreal Professionnel.

To keep your hair color vibrant, use hair sprays with SPF. They contain protective oils, they create a protective film on the surface that resists the effects of sunlight. Typically, these hair sprays are not moisture resistant, so they need to be reapplied if the hair gets wet. For example, after swimming in the sea.

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1. Conditioner for the nutrition of dry hair with argan oil All Soft REDKEN. 2. Intensely moisturizing leave-in care Evo. 3. Balm-milk for hair “Healthy Shine” Nivea. 4. Cleansing mousse conditioner R + Co.

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1. Mask for deep hair restoration NIOXIN. 2. Repair Detox Spray John Frieda. 3. Elixir for hair with lipid complex Paul Oscar.

Moisturize your strands

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If the hair looks dry and lifeless, use deep-moisturizing masks once or twice a week, some of them can be applied to the scalp.

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1. Hair balm “Geranium” Botanicals L’Oreal Paris. 2. Revitalizing conditioner for dry and damaged hair HairX Oriflame. 3. Balm with oats for dry and damaged hair Weleda. 4. Organic Baobab Planeta Organica hair serum.

They contain a complex of amino acids, valuable keratin, which restores strands brick by brick, hyaluronic acid, which gives deep hydration in the company of seaweed, oils and plant extracts. After use, you will see how the strands immediately become obedient, smooth and silky.

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1. Cream care “No scissors” L’Oreal Paris. 2. Nu Skin Revitalizing Hair Mask. 3. Dercos Vichy Revitalizing Mask. 4. Seskavel Sesderma hair restorative.

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1. Moisturizing shampoo for dry and normal hair Mixit. 2. Dr.Stern Hyaluronic Shampoo. 3. Moisturizing mask Sebastian Professional. 4. Aloe Superfood Fructis Garnier Hair Moisturizer.

Wear a hat

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Remember the testament of your mother and grandmother, wear a hat if you are going to spend a long time in the open sun. It will protect not only you from overheating, but also the scalp from overdrying and burns, and hence the strands from damage. The main thing is to choose the perfect headwear for you in the store – there are plenty of stylish scarves, hats, panama hats and, of course, caps in the collections of various brands.

Dry your hair naturally

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Thermal devices – hair dryer, curling iron, tongs, dry the strands and draw valuable keratin out of them. Therefore, in the summer, try to dry your hair naturally, and if you cannot do without a hair dryer, buy a gadget with an ionization function, and always apply a heat-protective spray before styling.

Choose your styling carefully

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Read the composition on the labels, in the summer choose styling without alcohol and silicones. Alcohol dries, and silicones cover the scalp with a non-breathable film, interfering with the access of nutrients to the hair follicles.

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1. Spray for colored hair Luster Lock Spray Multi-Perfecto Joico. 2. Tonic for colored and damaged hair OIL-PLEX Natura Siberica. 3. Tropical Sublime Ultimate Luxury Oil Spray Selective Professional Leave-In Protective Hair Spray. 4. Two-phase fluid with oil and cotton peptides Secret Professionnel. 5. Antistatic hair spray “Sunny day” Lush.

Don’t do tight hair

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Try to keep your hair in shape, do not collect hair in tight buns, ponytails or braids. Such hairstyles pinch the vessels of the scalp, interfere with the access of nutrients to the follicles. As a result, the hair may become thinner.


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