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New Year 2019 is just around the corner, and you have not yet decided on a gift for the beautiful half of the family – spouse, mother, sister or adult daughter? It is no secret that traditional gifts are perfumes, jewelry and clothing. But if you want to make an unusual, but certainly useful present, then pay attention to the “smart” gifts from our New Year’s selection, which will definitely come in handy for women in the household.

The best gifts for a housewife for the New Year

1. Steam cleaner

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

It takes an hour on average to vacuum and mop the floors. A new invention from Tefal cuts harvesting time in half while improving its quality. Clean&Steam 2 in 1 vacuums and cleans the floor with steam at the same time.

Steam gently and effectively cleans all types of hard floors and kills 99% of germs without the use of cleaners. This is especially true for those who are allergic to household chemicals or have children.

To care for laminate, parquet, tiles, linoleum and even marble, you can use different operating modes. The combination of exclusive technologies guarantees perfect cleaning results and saves time.

2. Blender

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

The Moulinex Ultrablend+ High Speed ​​Blender is the go-to blender for green smoothie lovers. It crushes any ingredient at the cellular level, releasing maximum nutrients, making your favorite drinks so light and delicious.

With a high-speed blender, you are not limited in your culinary fantasies, whether it be nut milk, homemade gluten-free flour such as rice or natural frozen fruit sorbet.

Even hot soup can become doubly useful: thanks to the heating due to the rapid rotation of the blades, all the most valuable vitamins are preserved, and not evaporated.

3. Iron

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

Iron Tefal Ultimate Pure FV98 is reliability, durability, delicacy. The device is equipped with an anti-scale filter, which other similar models do not have. In addition, the exclusive filtration system, which purifies 100% of the supplied steam, prevents scale particles from getting on clothes and, as a result, stains. The model is also equipped with an anti-lime rod. With continuous steam output up to 60 g/min and a powerful steam boost up to 260 g/min, the appliance easily tackles even the most stubborn creases on thick fabrics, while its 3000 W power provides instant heating – it doesn’t take much time to put things in order.

4. Steam generator

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

The Pro Express Ultimate GV95 steam generator from Tefal will change the way you iron. From the first minutes of using it, you will feel real magic – the magic of transforming your clothes. Pressure of 8 bar, constant steam supply up to 180 g/min and steam boost up to 600 g/min kill 99% of bacteria and do not give even the smallest wrinkles a chance. The unique self-cleaning outsole with a perfect glide function tidies up things as if they were fresh from the store. The steam generator is equipped with an auto-off system, anti-scale protection and anti-stain system. The new steam generator is the magic of steam for simple miracles!

5. Thermal mug

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

100% tightness that allows you not to worry about your belongings, Soft Touch silicone cuff with embossing in current colors, which is responsible not only for beauty, but also for comfort and provides a secure grip, a system that ensures quick and convenient opening with one hand – EMSA TRAVEL thermo mug MUG will become your faithful companion in the city.

The double-walled stainless steel vacuum flask keeps the mug warm for up to 4 hours, so your drink will be hot during the whole trip with a child or a trip to the office. And if you need to maintain the temperature of a chilled drink – for 8 hours. It is easily disassembled in parts and quickly cleaned of dirt, and the body made of stainless steel does not absorb third-party flavors at all. It can also be loaded into the dishwasher.

6. Silent vacuum cleaner

Photo: provided by the press service of Groupe SEB – MIA “Kushnir Production”

Tefal presents a new line of innovative vacuum cleaners with a dust container Silence Force Cyclonic. Silent operation, almost 100% air filtration from dust, energy-efficient motor in a stylish case – these vacuum cleaners turn the idea of ​​​​cleaning and come with the prefix “super”. The main difference between vacuum cleaners from this series, which cannot be overlooked, is that they work almost silently.

Special blocks and mufflers, designed specifically for this model, make the sound of a working vacuum cleaner quieter than human speech – only 67 dB. No more restrictions: you can safely clean the living room and not be afraid that you will wake up the children in the next bedroom. And a set of various nozzles will allow you to remove dust and dirt from every corner of your home.


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