Defender of the Fatherland Day is approaching and every girl wants to please her man with a gift that will be useful to him for a long time.
We talked to men and came up with top gifts that will help you in your choice and, hopefully, make your loved one happy.

External HDD Seagate Backup Plus 1TB

If your man works a lot, constantly runs from laptop to computer, and swears a lot when he forgot all important files at home, give him this hard drive so that everything he needs is always with him. The hard drive has a large amount of memory – a whole terabyte – and that’s millions of documents and presentations, there will even be room to take a few high-quality movies and your archive of family photos on a summer trip.

Price in TMall: 3 947.40 rub, buy with cashback

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Fitness tracker Xiaomi MiBand 3

Does your loved one play sports, go to the gym, or just talk about how he wants to take care of his health? The best gift is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker. This popular bracelet counts all steps taken and measures calories. Track your workout or morning run, even wake your man up with vibration without disturbing you. It does not have to be charged often – the charge will last for a whole month. Do you think that’s all? He also knows how to tell the time.

Price in TMall: 2 152.80 rub, buy with cashback

HIPER VRW virtual reality glasses

This strange thing, like from a movie about the future, will be a great gift for fans of games and modern technology. Just plug in your phone, launch the app and watch a video or play an immersive game. Men like it. The main thing is to bring your back to the real world in time.

Price in Svyaznoy: 1 690 rubles, buy with cashback

Bluetooth tag Redmond RFT-08S

It looks like an ordinary keychain, but in fact a very useful gadget for any man. Attach it to your house or car keys and they will never get lost. No, they will be lost, but it will be much easier to find them. Open your phone, launch the application and turn on the search for the desired item. The keychain will respond with a sound and help you find the lost one.

Price in Svyaznoy: 199 rubles. buy with cashback

If you have already prepared for the holiday, but you don’t have any strength left, just order the cleaning of your apartment or house. Price from 2 000r

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