Samira Mustafayeva

A flexible, slender, strong body is always the result of complex exercises. It is impossible to achieve it without stretching exercises, but how to do it without mistakes?

You can start classes on your own, but it is most effective to do this under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Through such activities, you will improve coordination, flexibility, learn to relax, increase endurance and strengthen the body.

In October, a new convenient stretching studio appeared on the map of Moscow, where you will be taught to stretch correctly and with pleasure: SM Stretching Studio on Myasnitskaya. This is the fifth SM Stretching space in the capital. There are as many as four halls in which they are engaged in three areas: Stretching, TRX and BARRE. There is also a personal training room for those who want to immerse themselves in the process as deeply as possible, and comfortable locker rooms with hairdryers and beauty accessories.

For those who still would like to practice at home (or at least start doing it in order to understand what stretching is and how to approach it), the founder of the studio, Samira Mustafayeva, filmed a course of short and understandable online lessons. We guarantee that after them you will definitely want to add stretching classes to your daily schedule.

Team SM Stretching

Address of the fifth SM Stretching studio:
Moscow, m.Chistye Prudy, st. Myasnitskaya, 24/7, building 1.


By Yara

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