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New Year’s resolutions are already in full swing! If you are a supporter of live spruce, experts recommend buying it 5-6 days before the holiday, then it will last until Christmas. If you prefer artificial spruce, then it can and should be put up this coming weekend. In any case, there is still some time to think about how you will decorate your Christmas tree this year, and what holiday decorations you will choose for your home. The word is given to designers-decorators who closely follow the New Year’s fashion.

Herringbone-Christmas tree – a forest fragrance, she really needs a beautiful outfit …

Photo: Fotodom.ru

This year your Christmas tree will be fashionable and stylish if:

  1. You decorate her scandinavian style. Yes, it is still relevant, and this is no coincidence. The Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity, naturalness, naturalness and some kind of rustic comfort. The Christmas tree can be green or with the effect of heavy snow cover. For decor, toys made of wood, cones, felt and other natural materials are suitable. Lots and lots of white with splashes of gold or silver. Beads are allowed, but tinsel and rain are a categorical “no”.
  2. You will dress up the New Year’s beauty in soft pastel colors, especially pink-coral, after all, the color of living coral has been declared the color of 2019 by the American Pantone Color Institute, a universally recognized world authority in the field of color, developer of color predictions and research. And it completely coincides with the preferences of the Yellow Earth Pig, the year of which the admirers of oriental traditions and the horoscope are going to meet.
  3. You will prefer the most current color scheme for the Christmas tree in 2019, which is patronized by the pig, – gold, yellow, orange, scarlet, chocolate and all shades of blue. The hostess of the next year loves everything natural, so cones, fruits and sweets will be appropriate in the decoration of the spruce.
  4. You will stay true to the classic colors, trends come and go, but the classics are eternal. And if your choice is red-gold or red-silver gamma, you won’t miss. Tinsel, balls, bells, bows – everything that makes the New Year a magical holiday is also relevant this winter.

If the classics are not close to you, then this year there are more than ever a lot of ideas for original Christmas trees. Black tree? – Yes. White or red tree? – Yes, too. A Christmas tree with exotic decor – feathers, butterflies, bright tropical flowers? – And again, yes, everything can decorate your Christmas tree, making it unusual. And now, “Christmas trees are not Christmas trees”, but festively dressed up hangers and even stepladders are in fashion! Everything that can be decorated “under the Christmas tree”.

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The main trendsetters of this direction are the creation of Christmas trees from completely non-winter, non-New Year’s attributes and details – fashion houses, design studios engaged in window dressing, and those who every year experience a small war of cats against Christmas trees. Christmas trees made of roses and orchids, stained-glass windows, ornate metal structures, Christmas trees suspended by the base from the ceiling, top down, Christmas trees-panels – you won’t see any options on the Internet today. The main beauty of this trend is that there is only one rule here: the more original, the better.

For those who think modern classics are not classical enough, sentimental retro remains: Soviet New Year’s toys, papier-mâché figurines of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, beads and lanterns, a star on top and tinsel.

Advice from a designer

Natalia Shchetininaresidential interior designer:

“New Year is a mystical holiday when we gather in the circle of our most beloved people. Since childhood, we believe that a wish made for the New Year will surely come true, and this magical time can be used to fill your life with joy.

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There are several energy rules that help attract what you want into your life:

  • celebrate the New Year with your loved ones;
  • put things in order at home, get rid of everything superfluous, unnecessary, broken;
  • prepare a table of abundance;
  • decorate a beautiful Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree should be magnificent, beautiful, personify health, happiness and success. You don’t want your happiness to be crooked and crooked, do you? Decor details already depend on your desire. To bring good luck to the house, it is advisable to decorate the Christmas tree with bright, exquisite toys, for family well-being – white, silver and golden toys symbolizing love..

The house is dressed up, the New Year is rushing towards us …

Undoubtedly, the center of the New Year’s decoration in the house is the Christmas tree, but you should not forget about decorating rooms, furniture, windows. New Year’s toys can go on a small journey through different rooms, and this will create a unique atmosphere of a New Year’s fairy tale and the expectation of a holiday in every corner.

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Advice from a designer

Tatiana Domaratskayaresidential interior designer:

Decorated windows will create a holiday atmosphere in your home. A simple and affordable way is to draw on glass, which requires a stencil, white watercolor paint, gouache or toothpaste. If you don’t feel like drawing or don’t know how at all, you can take beautiful satin ribbons, hang cones, balls, bells, figured sweets, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks on them. Such a decoration will look beautiful and unusual, fill your room with Christmas scents that will last in the room for quite some time.

You can decorate the window sill. Combine the picture on the window and the composition on the windowsill of cones, garlands and candles, creating a real fairy-tale world. Do not forget that the candles must be safe, LED. Do not overdo it: if you decorate a window with abundant decor and a garland, then the composition on the windowsill may be superfluous.

Another object for New Year’s decor is a chandelier. You can hang light coniferous twigs, balls, cones on ribbons, even feathers on it! I have boas in store for this occasion. The main thing – choose the color that suits the interior of your apartment.

A wonderful decoration of your home during the New Year holidays and Christmas can be a composition, the basis of which I propose to make a small decorative cypress tree that looks amazing in any interior. The composition must be in harmony with other elements in your apartment. You need to place it at the entrance to the hallway or living room.

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Pomander (Christmas decoration in the form of an orange decorated with fragrant cloves, there are Christmas decorations in the form of a pomander) – a great New Year’s accent for a windowsill, chest of drawers, table or console and a wonderful natural air flavor. To create fragrant pomanders, you will need oranges, a few dried clove buds, and a wooden skewer. You need to make holes with a skewer into which to insert twigs-buds of carnations, choose a pattern at your discretion, the most common is a “bomb”.


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