How is lotion different from tonic?
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We all know why a lotion is needed, at least one of the existing types – it cleanses the skin, and it is allowed to use it after washing. Now in stores it is easy to find moisturizing lotions, rejuvenating and even indelible.

In parallel with lotions, tonics have long settled on the shelves, which seem to offer the same “services”. Why should we buy both of these funds and pay more? The secret of this difficult mathematics revealed Alexander Prokofiev, medical expert of the La Roche-Posay brand, dermatovenerolo doctorG.

How is tonic fundamentally different from lotion?


Tonic and lotion are two similar products, but not quite. The lotion has several roles: it cleanses the skin (and it can be used instead of a cleanser), deeply cleanses the pores, and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

1. Moisturizing beauty lotion Nordic Hydra Lumene. 2. Moisturizing face lotion ANSALIGY. 3. Light moisturizing lotion for clearskin Avon.

The tonic acts in a slightly different role: it improves skin tone, restores its pH, but it cannot be used as an independent cleanser.

1. Tonic with fruit acids EGIA. 2. Refreshing facial toner HYDRA-V ARTISTRY. 3. Soft lotiontonic Mild Toning Lonion ATB. 4. Antibacterial tonic for problem skin MIXIT.

By the way, lotion and tonic have another obvious difference. The first contains alcohol, but in the second it is most often not found, in any case, in an amount of no more than 5%. Therefore, the lotion can be called a cleanser, and the tonic is caring.

1. Lotion for deep cleansing of pores Hyseac Uriage. 2. AHA Basic peeling lotion for the face with fruit acids. 3. Eisenberg toning lotion. 4. Lotion Micro Essence Estee Lauder. 5. Lotion NCTF-ESSENCE FILORGA.

Lotions are most often used for oily skin and acne-prone dermis (exceptions are aftershave lotions and leave-in lotions, they can be considered care products, like fluids, for example).

1. Oil Control Lotion Seventeen. 2. L’Intemporel Givenchy lotion. 3. Moisturizing spray lotion Glacial Face Skyn ​​Iceland.

Tonics are most often recommended for owners of dry and normal skin. True, the tonic can also be matting, then it is simply indicated for oily skin.

1. Anti-aging tonic Optimals Oriflame. 2. Tonic for sensitive skin Intral Darphin. 3. Herbalife Skin Toning Lotion. 4. Refreshing facial toner for combination and oily skin Natura Siberica. 5. Cleansing tonic against blackheads “Clean Skin” Garnier.

Can lotion and toner be used together?

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Lotion and tonic can be used as a duet in one procedure. First, wash your face, then wipe it with lotion, and then apply tonic, and then your favorite serum and cream.

1. Moisturizing tonic CAUDALIE. 2. Moisturizing and toning face lotion Sicilian Notes Energizing Toner Kiko Milano. 3. Energizing tonic Mezolux. 4. Tonyx with avocado FRUDIA. 5. Moisturizing facial toner ILONA LUNDEN.


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