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Cosmetologists and cosmetics manufacturers have long divided creams into two main categories – day and night. Many people still do not understand how these products are fundamentally different from each other, and why, in addition to serums, lotions and cleansers, there must be two creams on the shelf. Let’s figure it out.

What is a day cream

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Day cream for our skin is a kind of clothing. Its main function is protection from the sun, frost and even the environment. Day cream is usually light in texture, it absorbs quickly, does not roll, and you can easily apply foundation on top of it.

In morning care products, you can find SPF filters that protect from the sun. Moreover, for owners of hyperpigmentation, and for those who do not suffer from it, it is better to use creams with SPF all year round, even if it is minus 20 outside. Although the sun does not heat during the cold season, it shines, causing ugly changes in skin cells and provoking premature aging.

This season, anti-pollution day products have come into fashion. They are designed to protect against negative environmental factors, such as toxins, exhaust gases and other emissions into the atmosphere. As part of such products, there are special detox complexes based on plant extracts, they do not allow toxins to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and cause changes in cells. And in daytime cosmetics you can find powerful moisturizing facts that prevent moisture from leaving the deep layers of the dermis.

What is a night cream

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Night cream is pajamas for the skin and at the same time a knight that saves it from all kinds of enemies and invaders, such as free radicals. The night cream is quite comfortable, dense to nourish the skin, remove all irritations, restore its strength, spent during the day on its protection.

“In the sleep phase, the facial muscles are relaxed and the penetration of the components is as deep as possible, therefore, microelements predominate in the composition of night creams, such as: biostimulants, ceramides, mineral salts (Mg, Ca, Zn), oils and vitamins. The fragrance of a night cream, as a rule, is less than that of a day cream, so as not to disturb sleep, but rather help to relax and calm down, ”says Irina Gulyashinova, dermatologist, cosmetologist at the Epilsity center.

Why should you use a day cream during the day and a night cream at night?

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Day cream should not be used at night. Firstly, it has SPF filters, and titanium dioxide and zinc can interfere with skin renewal processes. Secondly, daytime products contain 60-80% water, so if you are prone to swelling, swelling may appear in the morning.

In turn, the night cream will not be able to protect the skin during the day properly, due to the fact that it lacks the necessary components for this.

“For complete care, you need to use both creams, since the day cream protects and moisturizes the skin, and the night cream supports and stimulates all skin renewal processes. Together, they complement each other and improve the overall condition of the skin,” Irina sums up.


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