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Advertising deodorants promises us – no sweat and smell. The engine of trade, of course, is not always possible, and it must be trusted. But deodorant, and even more so antiperspirant, is really designed to reduce sweating and eliminate unpleasant odors.

If, after buying the latest Nasa deodorant, you still get wet, like after a rain, and you smell an unpleasant smell, it’s not cosmetics. There are at least a few reasons why deodorant doesn’t work, don’t rush to throw it away.

You are buying the wrong stuff

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The wrong bees are known to make the wrong honey. And the same goes for deodorants. Not all of them are designed to deal with the problems of sweating and odor, the function of some is only to disguise an unpleasant amber.

This is how perfume deodorants work. They do not contain antibacterial components, only perfume fragrances.

But it is not the sweat itself that smells, but the waste products of the bacteria that multiply in it (for them this is the most noble environment).

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1. Deodorant Alumina-potassium alumยป Librederm. 2. Antiperspirant “Effect of purity” Garnier. 3. Deodorant ball “Anti-Stress” 72 hours Vichy.

If you want to get rid of amber, look for antibacterial complexes in the composition of deodorants, and antiperspirants will help pacify sweating. They contain aluminum salts that are embedded in the sweat gland, reducing it in size and reducing fluid secretion, respectively.

You’re Applying Deodorant Wrong

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For a tool to work, it must be used correctly. Deodorant is often misused. For example, it should not be applied to wet skin. Sweat and moisture prevent the penetration of components from the product into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, before applying, be sure to take a shower or, if there is no time, wash your armpits with shower gel, wipe them dry, and apply deodorant.

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1. Antiperspirant “Thermoprotection” Rexona. 2. Deodorant Femme Eisenberg. 3. Antiperspirant pencil “Touch of nature” Dove.

Antiperspirant should generally be applied after a shower at night. The fact is that aluminum salts need time to integrate into the sweat gland, and this takes at least 8 hours.

If you apply antiperspirant in the morning, its components will simply wash off later, as soon as you run to work.

Bad habits

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A special love for coffee, cigarettes and alcohol is played out on health. Including bad habits stimulate sweating, which not every antiperspirant can handle.

You are buying the wrong underwear

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Linen made of nylon, viscose (underpants, bras, T-shirts) sticks to the body, retains moisture, prevents it from evaporating, stimulates perspiration. Better buy underwear made of breathable cotton.

you have hyperhidrosis

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In order to start the process of sweating in the sympathetic nervous system, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is produced. This usually happens when a person is nervous, in the process of active physical exertion. With a number of diseases of the central nervous and endocrine systems, chronic stress, a large amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is produced in the body, and a person sweats even at rest. Doctors call this condition hyperhidrosis.

In this situation, even the most superb antiperspirant cannot cope with sweating, you need to enlist the support of a doctor. Firstly, to treat concomitant diseases, and secondly, to stab Botox in the armpits. Usually they make several injections around the perimeter.

Botulinum toxin blocks the nerve endings in the armpits, reduces the activity of acetylcholine, and reduces sweating. Thanks to injections, you can forget about deodorant for three to four months, some Botox lasts for half a year.


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