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Homegrown bloggers often like to give advice to their followers while posing as experts. So already on several channels I heard advice from the “beauty guru”: “Girls, the face gets used to cosmetics, so creams need to be changed periodically.” The most interesting thing is that some negligent cosmetologists sometimes agree with these “experts”.

I strongly disagree with the fact that the skin gets used to cosmetics, and therefore the cream stops working. medical expert of the La Roche-Posay brand, dermatovenereologist Alexander Prokofiev. He believes that there are completely different reasons for this situation.

You have a cream with active ingredients


In fact, the skin, under no circumstances, cannot get used to the cream, no matter how much you use it.

But, depending on the composition of the cream, there may be one trick, because of which it seems to you that the cream does not work. Such cases often happen with cosmetics, the filling of which are highly active components aimed at restoring regeneration, stimulating cellular metabolism. For example, peptides work according to this scheme.

Gradually, when you use a cream with active substances, they begin to accumulate in the dermis, creating a kind of reserves “for the winter.”

At first, the skin takes the components directly from the cream and you see the wow effect after use. But, a little later, she begins to work off the accumulated reserves. At this moment, it may seem to you that the cream has stopped working, because after using it you no longer see an instant result.

When the components of the tissue and cells were restored, the metabolism in the skin was adjusted, such cosmetics really no longer work, because they completed the task.

That is why the doctor prescribes creams with peptides, retinol and other active substances in a course, usually up to two months.

So in the case of active cosmetics, it is still better to consult a specialist in advance, how much you should use it.

You need to exfoliate more often


If you rarely do peeling at home, and do not go to a beautician for facial cleansing at all, dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin. They do not remove themselves well from the skin, which means that over time a whole shell of keratinized scales grows on the surface.

The accumulation of dead cells is the reason that the cream does not work and even rolls off the face. Indeed, due to keratinized scales, it is poorly absorbed by the skin, and the components cannot solve the tasks.

Home peeling will help you out: do a mild non-abrasive (for example, acidic) once a week, and a professional one in the clinic once a month.

By the way, the cause of the growth of dead cells may be dry skin. Follow her condition, add moisturizers to your care basket.

You do not take into account the condition of your skin


The condition of our skin changes due to hormonal changes, with age, even due to a rigid diet. Depending on the situation, the dermis also needs care products that correspond to its condition.

For example, against the background of hormonal changes, your skin has turned from dry to oily or combination, and you continue to use creams for dry dermis. Naturally, these funds do not work, moreover, they can worsen the skin, stimulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.

The addictions of our skin change seasonally, for example, in winter, because of heating devices, it needs both nutrition and active hydration. And everyone forgets about the last one. As a result, nourishing creams do not bring the desired results.

Therefore, if the usual and favorite cream no longer works, can not solve the tasks, perhaps your skin has simply changed. And to find out the exact cause of what happened to her, it is better to contact a specialist.


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