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In fact, there are real physiological reasons why the nose may itch. And for starters, it is worth considering just such reasons.

1. Allergy. You may react to flowering plants, dust, or animal hair. It may even start sneezing and runny nose.

2. Inflammatory process. From an itchy nose, diseases such as otitis media or rhinitis can begin.

3. Dryness. Your nasal mucosa may dry out, and it will itch. If the room is dry or hot. In addition, the nose often itches after a long use of vasoconstrictor drops.

4. Nose hair. Perhaps you just have a lot of hair in your nose, and they tickle the walls.

If suddenly you have an allergy or inflammation, you need to see a doctor, get tested and drink the medicines that you will be prescribed. You will get rid of an itchy nose only after you eliminate the cause of this.

If the nose itches because of the air, then it is important to moisturize it, and also lubricate the nasal mucosa with peach or apricot oil. Give up vasoconstrictor drops so as not to dry out your mucous membrane.

You can neatly cut your hair yourself or contact a beautician to do this procedure for you.

If we talk about legends and signs, then the nose is a special and finely structured organ. He can feel many events that will happen in the future. So, this is what a itchy nose means, according to signs.

1. You will soon be drinking alcohol.

2. A severe hangover awaits you, especially if your nose itches during a feast.

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3. You will have money – they will appear completely unexpectedly.

4. Wait for good news (in case you want to scratch the left wing of the nose).

5. Wait for bad news (in case you want to scratch the right wing of the nose).

6. The tip of the nose itches for some kind of quarrel with loved ones (sometimes there will even be a fight).

It is worth noting that relying on signs alone is not worth it, because the cause of an itchy nose can be much more serious than just an upcoming hangover or a party.

By the way, insect bites are also a separate reason why the nose can itch – this is especially true in summer. Bees and wasps, for example, release their venom, which triggers an allergic reaction. If you feel a slight itch on the outside of your nose, think about it. You could be bitten by bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes, lice. Such insects do not emit toxic substances at all, but they can carry serious diseases such as encephalitis, brucellosis.

It is better to treat the area with an antiseptic, and if the inflammation does not go away, consult a doctor.

If, in addition to scratching your nose, you also have congestion, then use drops (better – as directed by a doctor). If you don’t smoke, avoid the company of smokers, as your nose may itch due to the inability to breathe.

There is another reason for an itchy nose: problems with the nasal septum. It is difficult for you to breathe, and, therefore, you feel discomfort in your nose. Only a doctor will help you breathe normally in such a situation – surgery will be required.

If you want to alleviate your condition, you can resort to apitherapy and herbal medicine. This is a treatment with honey and other bee products, medicinal herbs. However, do not engage in amateur activities and it is better to first consult with a specialist. It will pinpoint the cause of your itchy nose.

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1. Lubricate the nose with oxolin ointment during the cold season (for prevention).

2. If you come into contact with any chemicals, use a mask and gloves so that nothing gets into your nose and hands.

3. Ventilate the apartment.

4. Follow the rules of personal hygiene.

5. Get rid of bad habits.

6. See your doctor at least once a year to make sure you’re all right.


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