Eternal confrontation – wax vs razor and epilator. According to experts, not marketers, wax wins out of this trinity. And here are a few reasons why.

Wax makes hair soft

The razor cuts the hairs from the surface, and they grow stiffer. Despite the assurances of advertising, the epilator really removes some hairs from the root, and some simply breaks off, leaving stumps on the surface. After using the gadget, they also grow stiff.

After several sessions of waxing, the hairs become softer, easier to remove from the surface, and the skin looks more radiant. This is due to the fact that the wax, in its own way, mechanically exfoliates the skin, getting rid of the layer of dead cells that interfere with the hair removal process.

Less inflammation after waxing

The razor cuts the hairs from the surface, the epilator breaks off, as a result, the direction of their growth may change, that is, they may begin to grow not outward, but grow under the skin.

Growing, the hairs literally cut the skin from the inside, inflammation of the hair follicle occurs, as a result, pimples, pustules, and redness appear on the surface. Cosmetologists call this condition pseudofolliculitis, which then will have to be fought for a long time.

Wax removes hair along with the bulb, so this skin condition after epilation is unlikely. But still, even after waxing, you need to protect yourself. To avoid ingrown hairs, do not wear very tight clothing too often – jeans, bandage dresses, tight underwear. They help to clog pores. Be sure to exfoliate the body twice a week to remove dead skin scales from the surface of the skin.

After wax, the result lasts longer

After shaving, the hair may grow back the next or even the third day. This is not very convenient. After the epilator, not after four weeks, as advertisers say, but after 5, maximum 6 days.

After waxing, the result lasts from two to three weeks. Hair grows soft and does not cause much discomfort, because it does not prick like needles. Modern professional waxes, which are used in salons, are able to remove very short hairs. Therefore, you can safely go for epilation, even if the hair has only slightly appeared on the surface.


By Yara

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