Beautyholics have long been divided into two camps: some try on themselves all the cosmetics that exist in the world, while others use only pharmacy cosmetics. The latter claim that only these products work effectively. The former say that this form of sale is just a marketing ploy. So how does pharmacy cosmetics differ from the mass market, and who is right in this dispute, told us Julia Lekomtseva, cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist Frau Klinik.

Pharmacy cosmetics have special certificates

To get on the shelves of pharmaceutical stores you need to go through fire, water and copper pipes. This means that cosmetics must receive special certificates of quality and effectiveness, and, unlike the mass market, undergo special studies.

Pharmaceutical cosmetics contain more active ingredients

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We have all heard about the active ingredients recommended for skin rejuvenation: retinoids, vitamin C, antioxidants. Medical skin care products have higher concentrations of these substances. The mass market of active ingredients does not contain such a large amount, in any case, to produce the desired effect. And the result from the use of such products will have to wait a very long time.

1. Librederm Intensive Vitamin C Serum. 2. Anti-aging cream Collagen Specialist Liftactiv VICHY. 2. Rosaliac AR Intense La Roche-Posay Intense Anti-Redness Serum.

Unlike pharmacy cosmetics, which gives “fruits” in a week or two. But you need to be careful with these products, because the active ingredients, if you exceed the concentration, can harm the skin (especially retinol, which must be used as a course). Therefore, before buying cosmetics in a pharmacy, you should consult with a beautician how to apply this or that line, and what dosage you personally need.

Pharmaceutical cosmetics penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin


Since pharmaceutical cosmetics contain ingredients in high concentrations and often in a low molecular weight structure, they work not only on the surface, but also in the deep layers of the skin, restoring the dermis brick by brick from the inside.

1. Washing gel for sensitive skin Sensibio Gel Bioderma. 2. Moisturizing face lotion SPF 25 CeraVe. 3. Micellar water BIORE.

Here are collagen scaffolds and cells that produce collagen. To make any real changes in the skin, it is necessary to act on the field of the dermis. Therefore, after applying pharmacy cosmetics, you will get a faster and more effective result, comparable to visiting a beautician.

Pharmacy cosmetics designed for everyone

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If mass-market cosmetics need to be carefully selected according to skin type, then the pharmacy version, as a rule, will suit any type. Such cosmetics have a “clean” composition, it makes the product universal. So, you can be sure that any remedy will do its job and restore your skin, regardless of its type.

Pharmacy cosmetics are not necessarily expensive

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Not all manufacturers of cosmetics that are distributed in pharmacies invest in extensive advertising or marketing promotions. Many of these funds are learned from bloggers, through word of mouth.

We bet there are some pharmacy lines that are not actively advertised in the press or on TV, you have not even heard of. By bypassing the marketing pitfalls, these brands save money and therefore their beauty products are not very expensive. Therefore, do not think that you will spend much more on pharmacy cosmetics than on mass-market or luxury ones.


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