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Permanent manicure has become a gift for housewives and business women. It is enough to make it, and not think about the beauty of the nails for at least a month. But in every barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment. Dissatisfied girls began to write on the forums, they claim that their shellac does not last even three days. Why do some wear a beautiful resistant manicure for a long time, while others fall off the coating almost immediately?

The master did not comply with the technology

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Not all masters in salons, and even business owners, believe that it is necessary to learn the technology of creating a manicure on certain products. Meanwhile, if you do not follow all the rules, shellac will last a maximum of a day or two, and the client will waste her money.

“Shellac has a very plastic texture. It is important to degrease the nail before applying so that the coating fits tightly, and be sure to seal the end of the nail. If the end has not been sealed, water can get under the coating, as well as particles of household chemicals, which contributes to its destruction. Also, if the coating is applied too thick or poorly polymerized, it may peel off earlier than the stated time,” says Oksana Rachinskaya, technologist at OleHouse, an expert on CND products.

Are you allergic/pregnant?

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There have been cases when the gel polish fell off the nails almost immediately after the procedure, including in pregnant women. Some experts argue that this is an allergy to some components of the preparations for creating a permanent manicure. Gel polish falls off because the immune system reacts, which simply eliminates elements unnecessary to the body. During pregnancy, she begins to work with a vengeance, protecting the baby, so the coating does not hold.

If your gel polish falls off, experts recommend trying a manicure with acrylic powder. It is enriched with vitamins, so this manicure is steadfast.

Manicure products were stored incorrectly

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Far from all salons, the masters are pedantic, some even neglect the sterilization of instruments, to say nothing about the operation of varnishes and shellac products. Meanwhile, if you store the funds incorrectly, the manicure will quickly fall off.

“Shellac should not be stored in direct sunlight or in a very cold room. It is also very important to close the bottle tightly. Air gets into it, after which the coating becomes more viscous. As a result, when the master mixes the composition in the bottle with a brush, bubbles form there, so the coating can quickly peel off, ”says Oksana Rachinskaya.

Do you work around the house without gloves?

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If you work around the house with cleaning products without gloves, you can easily lose an expensive manicure. Shellac is very elastic, and chemical solvents can easily break it down, plus damage the skin of the hands, cause dryness, flaking and irritation.

Did you carefully pick something

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If you like to open boxes with your fingernails, or if you’re picking something carefully, like trying to scrape gum (or a nail) off a wall, don’t be surprised if the shellac falls off.

The master used products from different brands

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It happens that in salons, in order not to spend a lot of money on the purchase, they buy preparations for creating shellac manicure from different brands – a coating from one, a top from another, a color base from a third.

As a result of such a mix, the coating will easily and quickly fall off, because the composition of the products is different, and they may not be combined with each other. As for the outright fakes that work in some salons, there is nothing to say. The bottles bought in the transition for three kopecks have nothing to do with shellac, and the manicure created on them can quickly fall off the nails.


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