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Our skin is constantly under attack: stress and chronic fatigue, negative environmental factors, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, age-related changes. To restore youthfulness and elasticity to the skin, it is important to act in all directions.


Do yoga or sports, go to a psychologist, get enough sleep and learn to enjoy life.

Go for a massage

Massage of both the body and the face stimulates blood circulation, oxygen exchange, improves cell nutrition, and this, in turn, accelerates cell metabolism and restores skin elasticity.

take a walk

After work, be sure to walk for at least 30 minutes, it helps to disperse the blood, improves mood and improves skin condition.

Use skin firming products

Photo: Dr. Pierre Ricaud

For example, the Collagenes Lift 3D tightening range from the French brand Dr. Pierre Ricaud. As part of the line of products, the specialists of the brand’s laboratories included the pro-collagen 9 complex, which includes rice proteins and oligosaccharides obtained from ground almond tubers, a 3D protein extracted from soybean vegetable shell.

These components have a stimulating effect on collagen fibers, restore skin elasticity. The line includes: Firming Lifting Cream, Lifting Eye Contour Cream, Intensive Modeling Program and 21 Nights Lifting Effect.


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