Why wrinkles appear from stress and how to deal with them
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People say: “All diseases are from nerves.” The doctors nod to the beat. Moreover, our nerves leave an imprint on our face. So, cosmetologists seriously say that the main backbone of wrinkles is laid from stress, and before 30 years. To live and not be nervous, we cannot, how then to prevent wrinkles and fight them?

How stress wrinkles occur

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“I want to grow old Jennifer Lopez, and at 50 look 30. And at 30 I already seem to look 50. And all because the boss at work takes out the brain, the children don’t want to study normally, my husband got it and dumped all the household duties on me. And yesterday, I looked in the mirror and was horrified. The sharpei’s face looked at me. You see, there are wrinkles on the forehead, nasolabial folds have climbed, and also look, here there are several wrinkles on the neck, ”a friend poured out her soul to me the other day.

I think attention to her appearance shifted after one of the quarrels with her husband, who hinted that she was no longer a 20-year-old girl to flutter through life. The reference to the classics was perceived in its own way. Now a friend communicates with the mirror more often and daily find new wrinkles in the reflection and believes that before J. Lo at 50, she is like the moon.

Indeed, stress provokes the formation of wrinkles, and even in 20-year-olds a whole mesh may appear against the background of nervous strain. In women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the body produces large doses of cortisol. It is a stress hormone that is very useful in certain situations. For example, in case of danger, he mobilizes us and makes us run away from the hot spot faster.

If cortisol circulates constantly in the body, then it plays a disservice. In particular, it slows down cell division, including those that produce valuable collagen and elastin, which are necessary for skin elasticity, as well as hyaluronic acid, which is needed to moisturize the dermis. The stress hormone constricts blood vessels, slows down blood flow, oxygen circulation. What disrupts the nutrition of the skin, including the dermis, absorbs useful components worse, even from super-expensive creams.

And if the skin is oily, then acne and acne may occur, since cortisol increases the production of sebum, and even changes its composition, making it more viscous.

So, the more my girlfriend spins like a squirrel in a wheel, along the way asking the mirror: “Am I the cutest in the world”, the faster it will grow old. And the image of J. Lo will only dream of.

How to deal with stress wrinkles

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My friend’s mentor Jennifer Lopez
recently admitted that in her youth she worked tirelessly, still managed to hang out a lot, and then, the body could not stand the stress, she began to have panic attacks. It was then that the singer first took up her mental health. She gave up frequent partying, began to relax more, did yoga, went for a massage and has been trying to sleep at least 8 hours since then. Perhaps the fact that the star took up herself before 30 helps her now look younger than her age.

Now even such a science has appeared – psychodermatology, which studies skin problems associated with stress and helps to find solutions. Cosmetologists in the West more often began to refer their clients to psychotherapists, and those, in turn, having dealt with the internal demons of patients, can even prescribe antidepressants, a course of relaxation practices and, of course, sessions to solve psychological problems. They say that after such a pumping, wrinkles disappear faster, and you don’t even need to prick injections.

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If you are not ready for drastic measures (although if panic attacks are haunted, this is a reason to turn to a specialist), there are many ways to deal with stress and wrinkles.

First, you need to make it a rule and relax, no matter how annoying it may sound. Your race for survival at work, and sometimes in your personal life, no one will appreciate. Be sure to arrange spa days for yourself during the week, go to the salon or make masks at home to your favorite TV series.

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Sports or jogging in the park can help with stress. In the process, endorphins are produced, which suppress the production of cortisol. Another way is to sign up for dancing, if the soul does not lie in sports.

Do not neglect massages, relaxing for the body, lifting and relaxing for the face.

Olga Andriyanova

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When it comes to home care, you need products that suppress the production of free radicals. These are hollow cells, which, having received a boost of energy (in particular from cortisol), destroy the bonds between healthy cells and integrate into their “family”. This provokes premature aging. Free radicals are good at neutralizing antioxidants. These include vitamins A, E, C, coenzyme Q10, algae, flavonoids, niacinamides or ceramides, green tea, and silicon.

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Be sure to exfoliate twice a week to rid the skin of keratinized scales. This stimulates blood circulation, cell division, and improves oxygen circulation in tissues.

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Be sure to use SPF creams before leaving the house during the day, and all year round. The sun, even if it just shines and does not heat, stimulates the production of free radicals. Products with SPF protect the skin from these processes.


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