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Eyes are a mirror of the soul, and also an indicator of age, our mood and condition. In theory, their main decoration should be sparkles and glitter, but certainly not a network of wrinkles. Why does such an ugly “accessory” appear around the eyes, and is it possible to get rid of it?

Causes of wrinkles

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It’s a paradox, but wrinkles in the eye area can appear much earlier than on the face. This is because the skin in this area has a completely different, more refined constitution.

“The thickness of the epidermis in the eye area is about 2 times less than in other areas of the face. There are only 3-5 layers of epidermal cells, a very thin fatty layer, there are no sebaceous glands. Therefore, a complex of factors will easily lead to the formation of wrinkles in the area around the eyes,” says Olga Varvaricheva, PhD, cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist at the German Medical Technology Clinic GMTClinic, Member of the American Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).

As you know, where it is thin, it quickly breaks, so it is not surprising that even a trifle can affect the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes. And we have a whole list of such trifles.

You have active facial expressions

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There are people who smile, laugh and generally express the whole range of emotions with their eyes. Active facial expressions (and not everyone has this) have a magical effect on others, but it also greatly affects the appearance of wrinkles.

You don’t part with your phone/tablet

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Dedicated to those who do not part with Teflon, even falling asleep. “Many hours of “communication” with gadgets is not good for the delicate eye area. We blink less often – blood supply, lymph flow are disturbed and wrinkles appear, ”says Olga Varvaricheva.

Plus, the blue spectrum of radiation from devices stimulates the aging process. We wrote about this in more detail here.

you have poor eyesight

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If you constantly squint, for example, in case of poor vision, this threatens with the appearance of dynamic, and subsequently static wrinkles, which do not disappear even at rest.

This is due to a violation of collagen synthesis in the skin around the eyes. Therefore, it is best to go to an ophthalmologist and buy yourself stylish glasses.

You should also not go out in the sun without sunglasses, which will protect against UV rays that stimulate the aging process.

You often rub your eyes

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Like to carefully rub your eyes, you will get wrinkles in this area. The skin in this delicate area is easy to stretch, even an illiterate make-up remover stimulates this process.

Try to get rid of a bad habit, if your eyes are itchy, blot with a napkin. If this happens often, especially when you are working at a computer, it indicates dry eye syndrome. Drops from the category of “artificial tears” will help here.

Try to remove makeup in the eye area very carefully. Do not rub cosmetics with a cotton pad, as if scrubbing plaster. Gently, in smooth circular motions, remove makeup with a cotton pad soaked in micellar liquid.

Are you forgetting your SPF?

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The sun’s rays destroy valuable collagen and elastin in the skin – springs that maintain the firmness and elasticity of the dermis. If you are going to the active sun, be sure to apply the product with SPF, including under the eyes. No wonder the sun protection lines have special products for this delicate zone.

You are using the wrong products

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The skin in the eye area is sensitive and obstinate, so it is impossible to use the same cream for it as for the face. Only if there is no special mark “for face and eyes” on the cream.

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1. Anew Platinum Avon Eye Cream. 2. Bio-reinforcing anti-aging cream-contour around the eyes Mezolux Librederm. 3. Keeping youth cream for the skin around the eyes SO NEW-AGE SKIN Ninelle. 4. Nordic Ageless eye cream Lumene.

Otherwise, the aggressive components of the product can damage the skin, cause irritation, inflammation and stimulate the appearance of wrinkles.

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1. BB eye cream “The Secret of Perfection” Garnier. 2. Eye Cream Power 10 Formula YE It’s Skin. 3. Retinol X Eye Cream. 4. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Nourishing Eye Cream.

How to get rid of wrinkles at home

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The most important thing that the skin around the eyes is constantly lacking is moisture and nutrients. Therefore, look for hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, collagen, antioxidants, vitamins in creams for this zone.

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1. Revitalizing eye contour cream for all skin types CERAVE. 2. Rich eye cream with multivitamin complex Rich Eye Contour Cream EGIA Biocare System. 3. Anti-wrinkle eye cream with coenzyme Q10 ROLAND. 4. Serum for the skin around the eyes with arctic peptides Brightening Eye Serum Skyn ​​Iceland.

To solve global problems, funds with peptides are suitable. These signal molecules stimulate cellular metabolism, reanimate damaged cells and tissues.

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1. Premier Cru Caudalie eye cream. 2. Radiance activator for the face and skin around the eyes L’Intemporel blossom Givenchy. 3. Thalion Ocean Secrets eye cream. 4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Eye Cream.

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1. Cream LIFTACTIV SUPREME YEUX Vichy. 2. La Rocher-Posay anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue eye contour treatment. 3. Depiderm Uriage illuminating eye contour treatment.

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1. Emulsion Anti-Age “Health Quartet”. 2. Anti-aging gel for the skin around the eyes with Retiage Sesderma retinol. 3. Hydrogel eye patches with swallow’s nest extract and colloidal gold Prestige Bn Eye Gold Patch Its Skin. 4. Eye cream Optim eyes Filogra.

What professional procedures will help get rid of wrinkles


If you have formed static wrinkles, there are deep creases, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

“You can solve the problem with the help of plasma and mesotherapy, and if you are not a fan of injections, hardware procedures will help out. Laser, photo, alterotherapy, professional peelings. Contour plastic – fillers with hyaluronic acid will help to remove circles under the eyes and fill in deep wrinkles, ”says Olga Varvaricheva.


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