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Some have only recently discovered hair balm, learned how to apply it only along the length or replace it with a mask, as soon as a whole series of new products from the “leave-in conditioners” group came out. What kind of “team” is this, will it replace ordinary balms and how to use it, he told us Vitaly Karpenko, stylist, L’Oreal training manager Professionalnel.

Why you need a leave-in conditioner


Whereas regular balm is a creamy texture that needs to be applied lengthwise to hair after shampooing and then rinsed off, leave-in conditioner is a slightly different fruit.

This is a remedy for the lazy, who do not like a long wash. The leave-in conditioner is applied after washing and is not washed off. It can replace a regular balm: close hair scales, smooth strands, nourish, moisturize, and facilitate combing.

1. Leave-in spray for colored hair Luster Lock Joico. 2. Botanique Detox TRESemme Moisturizing Spray Conditioner. 3. Leave-in keratin conditioner Kerarganic. 4. Leave-in conditioner H-Tea Leave-in Honma Tokyo. 5. Leave In Conditioner Tony&Guy.

The composition of indelible balms includes classic components such as polymers, lipids, keratin. The only thing, unlike rinse-off products, this product cannot be used as a hair mask.

1. HITOYONI Relaxing Milk Care Demi Professional hair milk. 2. Acidic Sealer Vitamino Color L’Oreal Proffesionnel Color Protection Milk. 3. Frizz Dismiss Redken Serum Oil. 4. Conditioner for colored hair Color Radiance Londa Professional.

The leave-in conditioner can be combined with the usual balm, but only if you have overdried, unruly or dry hair. In other cases, one product will suffice.

What are leave-in conditioners?

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Leave-in conditioners come in different textures: spray, jelly, cream. Manufacturers can give them additional “abilities”, such as thermal protection, color protection after dyeing, light styling properties.

1. Syoss Volume Lift Conditioner. 2. Gliss Kur “Flawlessly Long” Express Conditioner. 3. Oh My Nude got2b hair spray. 4. Cream-spray for hair Perfect Hair OLLIN Professional. 5. Spray SOS “Hair Rescuer” Fructis.

True, as a styling, a leave-in conditioner, even with an appropriate mark, will still be rather weak. It will only add shine, smoothness, but will not fix the styling result.

How to choose a leave-in conditioner for your hair type

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It is necessary to select a leave-in conditioner according to the type of hair, and not the scalp, as well as a regular balm. Because it must be applied along the length.

1. Two-phase spray conditioner for color protection Color Save C5B System Professional. 2. Serum-fluid final Collagen Detox SPA Complex Paul Oscar. 3. Leave-in conditioner with Evo thermal protection. 4. ILONA LUNDEN hair spray.

For chemically damaged hair, various procedures (straightening, waving, dyeing) require conditioners with restoring fatty components (ceramides), antioxidants, and UV filters. For dry hair, choose conditioners with a cocktail of oils, and for long and brittle hair, choose balms based on vitamins and proteins.


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