Girls often overdo it in applying blush. On the one hand, they use too dark tones and contour the face with their help, creating the effect of dirt, on the other hand, bright shades that turn into Marfushenka Darling. The whole process of such beauty care ages by 10 years. You should not make the following mistakes so as not to add age to yourself in your passport.

Use the wrong shade


The shade of blush should be chosen according to the color of the skin. Too dark on pale skin will look like a spot or inflammation, and too light on dark skin will simply not be visible.

If you have light or porcelain skin, choose shades from the pink palette. For olive and dark skin, tones with red pigment are suitable, the most ideal peach or apricot.

If the blush looks translucent on the skin, choose brighter ones from the palette, for example, hot pink, hot peach.

Choose the wrong texture


Blush are on sale in different textures – cream, liquid, powder. Choose them according to your skin type. For example, oily dermis will quickly “eat” cream blushes, and dry powdery ones will lie unevenly.

Therefore, for oily skin, choose dry and crumbly blush, for dry skin – cream and liquid. You can use two types of blush for any skin type. Apply cream first and then dry on top in case you need a super long-lasting makeup.

Use contour blush


Three years ago Marc Jacobs, who launched a blush collection, decided to bring into fashion the trend of the 60s – draping, when the face was contoured with blush. At that time, there were no contouring palettes, so actresses and models were painted with what was at hand, that is, blush.

This technique is suitable for the frame, the podium, but not for ordinary life. Contouring the face with blush, you make it painful or dirty (depending on the chosen shade).

It is best to sculpt with the help of palettes, of which there are many on sale, even the cheapest ones work.

Wrong to apply


Whether blush will flatter your face depends on how you apply it. If the texture is not properly distributed, facial features are distorted, and blush is driven into age. Therefore, it is worth considering the shape of the face.

Demmy Moor

Reese Witherspoon
Photo: @reesewitherspoon

With a square and heart-shaped shape (as in Reese Witherspoon and Demmy Moor), apply blush on your cheeks.

Megan Fox
Photo: @meganfox

Jessica Alba
Photo: @jessicaalba

For an oval face (Megan Fox, Jessica Alba) blush should be distributed on the cheekbones, shading with a beveled brush to the temples.

Mila Kunis
Photo: @kunismilaonline

Cameron Diaz
Photo: @camerondiaz

Owners of a round face (Mila KunisCameron Diaz) it is worth distributing the texture on the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion with a puff brush, shading on the cheekbones.

Use a puff and angled brush for application and blending, and a sponge or beauty blender for creamy textures.

Apply blush at the beginning of makeup


It is a completely wrong policy to apply blush before you have done eye and lip makeup. You need to distribute them at the very end. Depending on the resulting image, you can calculate how intense the color should be, that is, apply blush in one or two layers, and how carefully they need to be shaded.


By Yara

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